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10 Reasons to Choose Marble Stone for Your Home

Many homeowners are huge fans of marble, and at Aurora Stone, we don’t blame them. Marble is a versatile stone that can add considerable value to any home design. The most common application of marble slabs is for kitchen or bathroom countertops; however, you will be delighted to find that there are plenty of other ways to incorporate marble stone into your abode.

From basements to living rooms, you can use marble in literally every room of your house. If you want to add that extra ‘WOW’ factor to your home, the best way to do so is by using marble stone. Whether you’re using it as a decorative accent or a surface covering, this material can create a timeless and stunning feel for your property. In this post, we will discuss the ten reasons why you should consider choosing marble stone for your home.

1) Sophisticated Marble Flooring

Marble stone has always been a popular option for floors, and even after thousands of years, it’s never run out of style. It has been a trademark for wealth in Western countries and can turn drab home areas into sophisticated rooms. The most iconic marble design is the white one with black or grey veins running through the stone randomly, and this is what many homeowners opt for when they want to give their home a classy ambience.

2) Elegant Marble Stairs

Have you always dreamt of having a luxurious staircase? Well, what better way to achieve it than by installing marble? Be one step closer to turning your humble home into a grand mansion by opting for a gorgeous marble staircase that’ll have family members and guests marvelling at its beauty for years to come.

Regular stairs also endure a lot of abuse and trauma, however; choosing a marble staircase can be a practical solution for your home. When you opt for carpet or wood, you will easily be able to notice signs of wear and tear. Moreover, these materials require high maintenance. In contrast, marble shows through with strength and beauty. Having marble stairs can also shorten your cleaning time.

3) Timeless Marble Walls

Nobles and royals in Europe and throughout certain areas of Asia have revered marble walls for centuries. The simplicity and uniqueness of the material can easily pass as a masterpiece. You can choose to have slabs of marble stone for uninterrupted splendour, or on the other hand, you can have them cut into familiar squares for a more complex design. And while children are inclined to turn marble walls into their crayon canvas, you’ll be pleased to discover that the natural stone surface is easy to clean and maintain.

4) Functional Marble Countertops

Like granite counters, marble benchtops are growing in popularity. They create a bold statement and are a functional addition for kitchens, as the surface can withstand the heat and is resistant to scratching caused by accidental knife cuts.

5) Striking Marble Splashbacks

One of the primary functions of splashbacks is to provide a striking visual effect for the eyes to focus on. A splashback should be capable of livening up any room and making it more interesting. In the kitchen, you can create a spectacular backdrop by using marble stone. What’s more, this material is stain-resistant, so if you happen to spill pasta sauce, you can wipe the liquid off easily, and the colour won’t stay on the surface.

6) Beautiful Marble Sinks

Washing hands is a crucial part of personal hygiene. However, a lot of people seem to forget to do it as often as they should. On the other hand, with marble sinks, you’ll be drawn to wash your hands if it means getting another moment to gaze at the beauty of the material. Practically speaking, marble does not break down easily under water. For this reason, the material is a great option for kitchens and bathrooms.

7) Luxurious Marble Fountains

What better way to express luxurious living than having a marble fountain in your garden? If you want that classic, British courtyard atmosphere in your property, this is the ideal decorative fixture to achieve the look you want. As we’ve mentioned, marble stone does not erode with water easily. Often, they mimic the ambience that ancient marble sculptures create. You can add a marble fountain to your garden, or you could even opt to have a small one in your bathroom. The fountain would bring you a dose of tranquillity in the morning.

8) Timeless Marble Pillars

For thousands of years, people have used marble in architectural designs. Several Mesopotamian cultures favoured this natural stone material, and to this day, marble is still a popular option for building columns. You can use marble pillars for fortifying your home’s support. However, they can also be an incredible decorative addition to your house. Timeless marble pillars can give your home the European ambience you desire.

9) Stunning Marble Surrounds

Your fireplace is your living room’s focal point, so why not turn it into a visual feast by using marble surrounds? You can also select a colour that will complement the room’s design.

10) Eye-Catching Mable Furniture

Let’s face it. Most people hesitate to add marble to their home because the material is expensive. However, there is a cost-effective way to do this. You can use marble furniture and accessories. Think about getting marble bedside lamps, marble coffee tables or even marble coasters. Such pieces of furniture can bring a splash of visual accents to any room.

While marble has several advantages, it also has its downsides. Keep in mind that the material is porous and soft, making it vulnerable to chipping. Without proper care and maintenance, marble can lose its elegance and beauty. So, we recommend that you follow our tips for caring and cleaning marble countertops.

If you want to find out more information on how you can use marble stone in your home design, contact Aurora Stone today!

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