Why Choose Natural Stone for your Fireplace

Why Choose Natural Stone for Your Fireplace

As the colder season starts to creep in, families begin to get cosy by the fire. Whilst fireplaces have many practical benefits, they also provide as beautiful decorative pieces. Bricks are indeed the most common choice, however when it comes to design, using natural stone is the most durable, elegant and efficient option. If you are not yet convinced, read through this post. We will show you why natural stone is the greenest and most plausible choice for your fireplace. Why Natural Stone is Perfect for Your Fireplace It may seem odd that you’re considering natural stone. After all, most people choose this material for flooring tiles rather than fireplace décor. However, you should keep in mind that it is … Continue reading

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Reconstituted Stone for your Kitchen

Enhance the Look of Your Kitchen with Reconstituted Stone

Reconstituted stone—also known as engineered stone—is the affordable yet no less attractive alternative to natural stone. Here at Aurora Stone, we cut natural stone from bigger blocks of marble, granite and travertine. On the other hand, we use natural stone aggregates and a resin binder to manufacture reconstituted stone. We can even make them resemble the appearance of natural stone. If you’re currently debating on what material to use for your kitchen, then you might want to consider engineered stone. In this post, we are going to discuss how you can enhance the look and functionality of your kitchen with reconstituted stone. Reconstituted Stone Countertops are Aesthetically Pleasing When manufacturers create the reconstituted stone, they compress the aggregates into slabs … Continue reading

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