Natural Stone Surface for Restaurants and Bars

3 Best Natural Stone Surfaces for Restaurants and Bars

Whether you’re the owner of an up-beat local pub, a crowd-favourite eatery, or anything in-between, it’s important that the benchtops used in your restaurants and bars are just as durable as the ones in your homes. In fact, maybe even more so. The average modern adult spends about one hour cooking and preparing food each day. On the other hand, when it comes to restaurants and bars, staff are constantly working around the clock to prepare raw ingredients, cook, plate up delicious meals, and finally, clean. This is exactly why a good, solid benchtop solution is absolutely necessary. Out of all the surface materials available,  natural stone is a highly desirable choice for a good reason.

Below, we’ve run through 3 of the best natural stone materials for restaurants and bars, and why they are: 


Granite is the ideal natural stone surface for a wide range of restaurants and bars, especially those that are fully or partially outdoors. Granite is one of the hardest materials available. Having been formed under immense heat and pressure, granite boasts a level of durability and strength that not a lot of other benchtop materials can compete with. 

Sealed granite benchtops are scratch resistant, stain resistant and super easy to clean. Basically, everything you could ever want for a restaurant or bar that experiences high traffic. They’re also resistant to high levels of heat and bacteria. All in all, they are the perfect all-rounder for any type of eatery or bar. Moreover, they are available in a variety of different colours. Black granite benchtops work particularly well to exude a modern vibe in bars, hotels, and restaurants. 


If your bar or restaurant is more upmarket, then marble is an excellent natural stone surface to consider. Although marble is considered a softer stone, it is still highly-durable and long-lasting, and therefore perfect for use in anything from high-end restaurants to upscale bars. You’re probably fairly accustomed to the look of classic marble; that is, a bright white background splashed with soft, grey veining. However, there are other marble variants out there for you to consider.

Calacatta marble, for instance, is a beautiful and highly prized material that is used to inject value into restaurants and bars and create a sophisticated atmosphere. This type of marble is famous for its exclusivity. The bold veining against the white background can include anything from various shades of grey to a deep, rich gold. On the other hand, there’s also variants of marble such as Black Marquina and Pietra Grey. While Black Marquina boasts a striking contrast with its deep black background and dramatic white veining, Pietra Grey showcases a darker grey background. 


One of the most impressive characteristics of onyx is that it’s a lightweight, translucent material. So, with the right lighting, you can backlight your benchtops and turn your bar into a show-stopping masterpiece. Onyx is available in a diverse spectrum of colours. The most common colours are white and cream, although you can find some variants available in green! Just like every other genuine natural stone material, high-quality onyx benchtops are guaranteed to last a good number of years in your establishment.  

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