Minimalist Kitchen Ideas

3 Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is usually the focal point of any home. The kids sidle up to the island for after-school snacks, and parents spend a significant amount of time preparing hearty meals here. Indeed, the kitchen is a vital part of our daily activities, so we must keep the space comfortable and practical. If you want to achieve this, your best bet is to simplify the space and incorporate minimalist aesthetics. With less clutter in the kitchen, you can utilise the area more efficiently. What’s more, family and friends will likely spend more time in the space, allowing you more opportunities to bond over food and stories.

Have a Stress-Free Kitchen with a Minimalist Design

After an entire day of work, most of us look forward to eating dinner with the family. However, instead of having a relaxing time at home, don’t you feel even more stressed when you find yourself having to cook in a cluttered kitchen? There’s so much going on that you can’t even find the items you need! You have so much space, but there is almost no surface left to cut the vegetables or mix the ingredients.

We understand how tiring and frustrating it can be to have to deal with this every single day. Is there any way to turn this situation around? Well, one of your options is to choose a minimalist design for your kitchen. Instead of continuously collecting cookware, accessories, and décor, you may want to consider decluttering.

According to a study conducted by Rik Pieters of Tilburg University, an increase in loneliness over time can be connected to materialism. Moreover, the research reports that there is a correlation between loneliness and depression. Mario Pandelaere of Ghent University backs this study up, citing that depression can be linked to materialism. He says that ‘materialists’ are usually not the happiest people.

What is a Minimalist Kitchen Design?

Most people associate minimalism to a state of mind, art, and design. However, you will be surprised to discover its origins coming from somewhere else. We can trace the idea back to the Japanese gardens that Zen priests and artists created over 600 years ago. They featured empty space to evoke clarity and simplicity in their gardens.

When the ‘de Stijl’ architectural style became popular in the 20th century, people started using the term ‘minimalism’. The idea emphasized that less is more, reiterating that one can find beauty in the absence of something else. Aside from that, it promotes better wellbeing for any individual. So, by decluttering and keeping the design simple in your kitchen, you can have a stunning space and embrace your newfound freedom from stress. Here are some excellent minimalist design ideas for your kitchen:

  1. Keep Small Kitchen Items Out of Sight
    Kitchen Countertop by Aurora StoneOne of the best ways to create a minimalist kitchen is to declutter the counters. We recommend installing efficient storage systems that can save space and keep everything else in order. You can use them to hide unsightly tools such as whisks, peelers, and bottle openers, among many others. What we suggest is having a freestanding island that will resolve two problems by one action. You can have a stunning design element whilst resolving your lack of cabinet space. Like in the image we featured in this section, you can use clean, geometric lines that will fit easily into your minimalist kitchen.
  2. Larger Space with Lighter Colours
    White Kitchen Benchtop by Aurora StoneAside from keeping a few essential items in your kitchen, you can use techniques to make the room appear larger. By making it look spacious, you’re simplifying the design and emphasizing balance in the area. So, we suggest that you choose a colour scheme with little difference between the hues for the countertops, walls, and woodwork. In the photo we’ve featured, the cabinets, countertops, and splashbacks are close in colour. What’s more, the kitchen uses white and lighter hues to make the walls recede. With white on the benchtops, ceiling, and cabinetry, we’ve created a seamless space without boundaries or edges. Thankfully, it is not challenging to find kitchen benchtops in light colour schemes, primarily when you work with Aurora Stone.
  3. Switch to Sleek, Chrome Taps
    Minimalist Kitchen - Simple and SleekIf you want a minimalist kitchen, you should opt for fixtures that look simple and sleek. One of the best places to work on your design theme is on your sink. Instead of using shiny and over-complicated taps, we recommend that you choose a sleek, chrome option. In this way, you can breathe a modern and simple vibe in your kitchen. In the photo we’ve featured in this section, the tap creates a stunning contrast against the white marble kitchen benchtop. All these design elements came together to create an aesthetically pleasing and relaxing kitchen.

    Create Your Minimalist Kitchen Design with Aurora Stone

    We understand how challenging it can be to remodel a kitchen. As such, you should call Aurora Stone and have the experts handle your kitchen benchtops, floors, and splashbacks. We have various materials available to help you create the minimalist look you want to achieve for the space. Contact Aurora Stone today to schedule your free measure and quote!

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