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4 Common Myths About Marble Stone

If you’re searching for the perfect material to use for your benchtops, splashbacks, tiles, walls or fireplace, why not consider a natural stone like marble? Having been used throughout history in a variety of applications, marble has become synonymous with luxury, class and timeless style. For all these reasons plus more, they make the perfect addition to kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and hallways. Better still, they offer an incredible return on investment (ROI). 

Whilst marble has always been a popular choice for interior design applications, there are a few misconceptions surrounding this natural stone material. In this post, we’ll be debunking 4 common myths about marble stone, so that you can invest in new marble products with confidence:  

1. It’s Too Soft

It’s true that marble is considered a softer stone than most, thanks to its rating on Mohs scale of mineral hardness. However, a ‘soft’ stone isn’t necessarily one that threatens to cave under the slightest pressure. Rather, a softer stone is one that is prone to scratching and has a higher tendency to react to acids . With that said, marble is still a strong and durable stone that you can expect to withstand constant use and abuse, and last for many years into the future.   

2. It’s Difficult to Maintain

Another common misconception about marble is that it’s difficult to maintain, all because it’s a softer stone.  While marble may be more prone to scratching and etching than some other natural stone materials such as granite and quartz, it does not require constant cleaning and care as some may believe. In fact, all you’ll have to do is seal your marble from time to time and clean the area about once a week. If you can remember to do this, you can expect to keep your marble looking good for as long as possible.

3. It’s Easily Stained 

Since marble is a porous stone, you may have some concerns about using it especially in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. Overtime, the product is subject to possible staining, ranging from cooking ingredients and beverages to cosmetics, hair dye and even some bath and body products. Accidental spills can cause damage to marble (especially if these substances are acidic, or they’re not dealt with right away). However, as long as you ensure to seal your marble regularly and clean up spills right away, you can avoid tarnishing the beautiful look of your marble surfaces. 

4. There are Limited Design Options 

When people think of marble, they often think of the characteristic white variant with white and grey veining. This is one of the most popular and well-known natural stones out there. However, it is not the only marble variant available. In fact, you can find marble available in a variety of different colours and patterns. For instance, Calacatta marble, one of the most highly sought-after marble variants, comes with thick and dramatic veining that varies in colour from dark grey to deep gold. On the other hand, you can also find marble available in other colours, such as black, cream, beige, brown, red, yellow, and even green! 

Get High-Quality Marble from Aurora Stone

With all those misconceptions put to rest, marble probably seems like quite a commendable choice for your interior design applications. If you’re looking for high-quality marble for your benchtops, splashbacks, tiles, wall cladding, or any other application, turn to Perth’s leading natural stone supplier at Aurora Stone. Our professional stonemasons can measure, cut, manufacture and install marble stone products to add value, functionality and style to your home. Never settle for sub-par stone when it comes to investing in your home. Instead, trust in the industry’s experts. 

To enquire about getting premium grade marble for your home, contact Aurora Stone now!

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