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5 Kitchen Benchtops You Should Consider Installing in Your Kitchen

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Acting as the perfect place to contemplate, assemble and cook, it is undeniably one of the busiest areas in a home. Considering the level of activity that takes place on a kitchen counter, it is crucial to select a benchtop material with serious thought. Since they are buying for a small surface area, people tend to choose sophisticated, and luxe stone finishes. Of course, natural stone benchtops are at the forefront of their options; however, some savvy renovators opt for engineered stone materials instead. With this option, they’d get the same durability and timeless elegance at a more affordable price.

At Aurora Stone, we can help you get the quality kitchen benchtops Perth residents always dream of owning. In this post, we will discuss the five countertop materials you can choose to achieve what you want for your kitchen.


When it comes to kitchen benchtops, granite is always the leading choice among the available materials in the market. Moreover, because of the versatility of granite, renovators use it for a range of applications—fireplace surroundings, islands, bathroom counters, outdoor surfaces, and decorative accents, among many others. What’s more, you can find it in a variety of colours, styles, and finishes.

One of the reasons why granite benchtops are widely popular for kitchens is because of their durability. As we’ve mentioned, kitchens are a hub for activity in most houses. So, to endure the daily abuse, your kitchen benchtops must be robust. It is also worth noting that granite is heat-resistant, making it ideal for cooking purposes.

Keep in mind that islands and countertops are the main focal point of your kitchen. So, you need to ensure that the material you use for your benchtops speaks the ambiance you want to foster. The great thing about granite is the fact that every slab you get is unique—no two pieces are alike. Its unparalleled elegance and patterns are just some of the reasons why it is a popular choice. You’ll be pleased to know that here at Aurora Stone, we offer an extensive collection of granite in various colours, styles, and finishes.


Homeowners who have seriously considered getting marble benchtops have wrestled with the same problem. Perhaps, you too are wondering if installing them is worth the maintenance and care they will require. After all, when you compare it to other natural stones, it is relatively softer. If you do not clean up spills right away, you may risk etching the surface. Due to oxidation, it naturally changes colour or develops a patina. That said, the negative qualities of marble should not discourage you from choosing it for your kitchen benchtops. After all, its benefits outweigh its disadvantages.

Like granite, marble is also resistant to heat, making it ideal for kitchen use. That is also the reason why you see marble on fireplace surrounds. This natural stone material can hold up a certain level of heat without wearing down or cracking. What’s more, marble has a distinctive appeal that will set your kitchen design apart from the rest. Since it is created through a natural process, it has cracks, lines, and patterns that you will not see in any human-made or synthetic stone product.

Natural Stone

Apart from granite and marble, there are other natural stone products that you can use for your kitchen benchtops. For one, you can opt for travertine counters. These are available in various colours and shades of beige, walnut, cream, and ivory. Since they come in natural hues, they make a perfect decorative addition to your kitchen. Visually appealing, travertine benchtops allow you to bring the beauty of nature into your kitchen.

Travertine benchtops are very durable; what’s more, they are also resistant to moisture and water. That said, you need to ensure that you clean and maintain them properly. When you handle them correctly, they do not crack easily. If they do sustain damages, you can replace them with ease. Travertine slabs are available in several variations, so it is likely for you to find a similar-looking piece.

If you want a unique appeal for your counters, you can also add a natural stone accent. Onyx is perfect for homeowners with a distinct taste. Its striking colour makes it ideal for kitchens with character. If you want to learn more about your natural stone options, please do not hesitate to contact Aurora Stone’s team. We will be glad to help you select from our range of kitchen benchtops Perth homeowners love.

Engineered Stone

Also referred to in the industry as quartz, engineered stone can give you the sophisticated look you want to achieve, at a more affordable price. We cut natural stone benchtops from pure marble or granite. On the other hand, we manufacture engineered stone by mixing quartz aggregates with a resin binder. Finally, we compress the materials into a slab, giving them similar colours and textures to natural granite and slate. To the untrained eye, there is practically no difference between engineered stone benchtops and natural stone countertops.

However, do note that most of the slabs will look the same. This factor is a disadvantage for homeowners who appreciate the unique character of natural stone. On the other hand, with engineered stone, you can expect that the surface materials throughout your kitchen will match perfectly. What’s more, this material does not require the same level of care as natural stone needs. So, engineered stone benchtops are the more affordable yet fantastic alternative.


When you hear about porcelain materials, you probably associate it with fine china. Well, the same elements make up these two products. Moreover, manufacturers produce them in a very similar manner. When we produce porcelain benchtops, we form the kaolinite-heavy material into tiles or slabs. Then, we coat them with pigmented glaze and expose them to high temperatures, enhancing their beauty and strength.

Porcelain benchtops and countertops are ideal for use in the kitchen because of its unique hygienic properties. However, along with being ideal for indoor application, porcelain is also an ideal material choice for outdoor benchtops, due to its excellent resistance to ultra-violet rays, therefore retaining its original finish over many years. With this in mind, you can invest in porcelain benchtops for your outdoor kitchen knowing that it will remain looking fabulous in your alfresco area for an extended period of time, and in turn, increase the overall value of your home.

Many homeowners also choose this material for its durability. What’s more, it can be relatively easy to keep porcelain countertops clean. They do not even require regular sealing or refinishing. However, what sets them apart from other products is their price. They are affordable and long-lasting, making them a cost-effective choice for your kitchen benchtops.

If you want to learn more about the best options for your kitchen benchtops, do not hesitate to contact Aurora Stone. Our friendly sales specialists will be glad to help you choose the materials that will suit your taste and budget. Call us today and get a free quote!

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