Renovation Tips for Your Kitchen

6 Renovation Tips for Your Kitchen

The kitchen stands as one of the most popular rooms in the house to renovate. That said, undertaking this remodelling project can be a task—in terms of project scale and cost. So, before you bash down the walls and hire a contractor, there are a few things you should first consider. Here at Aurora Stone, we always aim to make renovation projects a lot easier for our clients. As such, we’ve prepared a couple of renovation tips that will enable you to get the best value for your money.

Tip 1: Determine Your Budget

We are all free to dream. However, when you’re remodelling your kitchen, you need to be realistic about your budget. Usually, extensive renovation projects can take more money and time than homeowners initially planned for. So, it is always best to start with a conservative budget that is lower than what you can spend at the maximum. In this way, you can ensure that you’ll have extra cushion around your budget in case you go over.

Ideally, you should add another 10 to 20 percent over your budget to cover unexpected expenses. However, the bigger the extra cushion is, the better. You wouldn’t want to have to apply for an unplanned loan mid-project. Moreover, you probably do not wish to end up with a half-finished kitchen because you’re out of money.

Tip 2: Prioritise Functionality

When you’re planning the design and layout of your kitchen, you have to think about efficiency. To get the best value for your money, you must consider how you will use the space. When homeowners overestimate the available space in their kitchen, they tend to think that more is more. Unfortunately, this kind of mentality can make cleaning and cooking more challenging. You may dream about having an airy, open kitchen. However, wouldn’t it be uncomfortable and unnecessary to have to walk 15 feet from your range to your fridge? Remember, it is always best to prioritise functionality over design and style.

Tip 3: Spend More Time Planning the Lighting

Many homeowners underestimate the importance of proper lighting in the kitchen. Poorly lit kitchens can lead to knife accidents and dirty meals that cause food poisoning. On the other hand, adequate light can improve alertness and increase productivity around the range. What’s more, choosing the right fixtures can hold the kitchen’s design together.

A lot of people opt for recessed lighting, but you can also consider installing lights to your ceiling on a grid. Since the bulb will be below the ceiling’s height, you can ensure a more balanced light. Moreover, it won’t be as surgical as recessed lighting, making it more aesthetically pleasing for your kitchen. Another opportunity for a functional decorative feature is hanging bigger lights over the islands. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the lights under the cabinetry. Keep in mind that the cabinets can prevent the light from shining onto your countertops.

Tip 4: Invest in Quality

It is always reasonable to purchase the best quality materials within your budget. So, when you’re renovating your kitchen, you should aim for functional, high-quality items—both for your convenience and for higher resale value. Keep in mind that premium quality countertops and cabinets will last much longer, preventing you from having to repeat the remodelling process whilst you’re living in the property.

When it comes to your kitchen benchtops, your best bet is to invest in high-quality materials like granite, marble or porcelain sintered stone. There’s an unmatched appeal in natural stone, and now high quality porcelain Think of the old Italian-villa kitchens with century-old marble counters- nothing can compare to their beauty. What’s more, natural stone offers several benefits, including easy cleaning, durability, and functionality. So, you’re sure to be getting more than you paid for. However, nowadays porcelain sintered stone can also match these qualities of natural stone, so it would be wise to consider porcelain sintered stone as an alternative.

Tip 5: Compare Your Needs with Your Wants

If you want to avoid going over your budget, always stay on the practical side and avoid purchasing unnecessary items. We know how tempting it is to buy all sorts of fancy appliances and gadgets. However, it is best to choose the reliable basics that you know you will use every day. Keep in mind that every appliance you add to your kitchen will be an extra charge to your utility bill. Of course, it will be an additional item to maintain.

Tip 6: Choose the Right Suppliers

There are many kitchen suppliers in Western Australia, but not all of them deliver on what they promise. It’s important that you find a company that will take the time to discuss your hopes and requirements for your renovation project. You must choose a supplier who will strive to help you achieve your remodelling goals instead of merely trying to earn money.

Here at Aurora Stone, we offer a free measure and quote for our customers. We can send our team to your location to discuss your requirements with you. Rest assured that we will help you plan your kitchen renovation thoroughly, helping you get the best value for your money in the process.

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