Best Places to Use Granite in Your Home

Granite is an incredibly popular and extremely versatile natural stone material that has managed to grab the attention of numerous people when they’re wanting to create stylish, valuable, yet practical interior design. As an intrusive igneous rock, granite is formed under immense heat and pressure, which occurs as molten rock underground begins to cool. Consequently, granite is naturally heat-resistant and boasts superior durability- both of which are key attributes that have assisted in its ability to withstand against extreme weather conditions, as well as the tests of time.

With an abundance of notable advantages to offer, granite is not only suitable for use in monuments, sculptures, and civil engineering, but also in your very own home. So, in order to provide you with some excellent ideas for inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of the best places for you to use granite within your own home:


Granite is undeniably one of the best materials around to use for kitchen and bathroom benchtops. Why? Well, we’ve already mentioned how incredibly durable and hard-wearing this beautiful natural stone material is. And when it comes to your bathroom and kitchen benchtops especially, you’d want to make sure that you’re investing in long-lasting materials that will ensure against wear and tear of daily use and abuse. Being low in porosity, granite benchtops are also highly resistant against staining and bacteria, both of which are super important qualities to have in the kitchen and bathroom. With the added benefit of heat resistance, you won’t have to worry about placing hot plates and pans down and having them scorch the surface of your kitchen benchtops either. 


Your kitchen walls can be subject to splattering from all sorts of foods, substances and liquids over time, and that’s exactly why splashbacks are always a necessity. Of course, granite splashbacks are an excellent choice because of their resistant qualities. In addition to this, granite splashbacks are also a great way for you to make a statement in your kitchen, by adding an element of timelessness and contributing towards the room’s overall aesthetic appeal. 

Fireplace Mantle

There are a number of granite variants available out there, all of which differ in terms of colour, tone, pattern and finish. And with such a versatile selection of options available to you, you’re guaranteed to have no problem finding a particular surface covering to match with your home’s existing design, or the design that you’re wishing to implement. When it comes to fireplaces in particular, a granite mantle can be exactly what you need to transform an old and boring fireplace into the stunning focal point of the room. What’s more, granite works well when applied to a number of different rooms because of the wide range of granite designs and patterns. So whether your fireplace is installed in your lounge, dining room or even your outdoor living space, you can expect a granite mantle to blend in seamlessly.

Bathroom Sinks

Granite sinks look absolutely stunning when applied to traditional, contemporary and even modern homes, as they can be designed in various ways to suit all sorts of differing home designs. These sinks are sure to add a luxurious appeal to your kitchen or bathroom area, whilst also increasing the value of your home simultaneously. What’s more, they’re ensured to hold up well, despite years and years of constant use from your household.


Australian summers can get unbearably hot. Fortunately, when you have granite flooring installed, you can make your home much more comfortable, not to mention guarantee simple and effortless maintenance for yourself. The cool surface of your granite floors will provide you with much needed relief during the summer when walking around your house barefoot. In addition to this, its smooth surface will also allow for easy sweeping, vacuuming or mopping.

 Wall Cladding

Granite wall cladding offers many advantages as well as looking good. Not only is it strong and durable, it is a very effective sound insulation and a great insulator in keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. On top of that, installing granite cladding represents a worthwhile investment, not only now but well into the future

Granite may end up being the best investment you ever made for your home- but only if you ensure you get the highest quality available and from a reputable supplier. It just so happens that at Aurora Stone, we strive to provide Perth residents and businesses with premium quality natural stone that always guarantees to be authentic, durable and long-lasting. So, whether you’re searching for measuring, drawing, cutting, polishing, delivery or installation of natural stone granite, you can rely on our team to go above and beyond your expectations.

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