Granite Cladding Perth

Best Places to Use Granite in Your Home

Granite is an incredibly popular and extremely versatile natural stone material that has managed to grab the attention of numerous people when they’re wanting to create stylish, valuable, yet practical interior design. As an intrusive igneous rock, granite is formed under immense heat and pressure, which occurs as molten rock underground begins to cool. Consequently, granite is naturally heat-resistant and boasts superior durability- both of which are key attributes that have assisted in its ability to withstand against extreme weather conditions, as well as the tests of time. With an abundance of notable advantages to offer, granite is not only suitable for use in monuments, sculptures, and civil engineering, but also in your very own home. So, in order to … Continue reading

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Natural Stone for Exterior

5 Exterior Design Ideas Using Natural Stone

Natural stone is used in many applications around the world, and for good reason. As a building material that pretty much ticks all the boxes, you’d be missing out on a highly rewarding opportunity by refusing to take notice of its qualities. Natural stone is a popular material for use inside the home in many commercial buildings. However, it truly makes for a stunning addition to any exterior environment as well. Below, we’ve gone through 5 exterior design ideas you can add to your outdoor area, through incorporating the highly versatile material of natural stone: 1. Outdoor Fireplace Outdoor heating is a must-have for any homeowner who wants to make their backyard area suitable for use all-year round. While guests … Continue reading

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Natural Stone Staircase by Aurora Stone

Advantages of Using Natural Stone for Your Stairs

The unique and luxurious appeal of natural stone stairs is almost impossible to replicate. Just imagine coming home to a magnificent marble staircase every day; it would be enough to make you feel as if you were a celebrity living inside a mansion! Of course, the advantages of using natural stone for your staircase doesn’t just stop at aesthetic appeal. You’ll find that investing in a natural stone staircase can actually work to provide you and your home with a number of additional perks as well: Durable and Long-lasting Natural stone is an incredibly durable and long-lasting material, capable of resisting the tests of time. Want more proof? Just take a look at some of those ancient buildings and monuments … Continue reading

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