Marble Benchtops Perth

The Many Ways You Can Use Marble Stone in your Home

Even in ancient times, marble has been a popular natural stone material adorned by people from all walks of life. These days, it remains a premium option for those who want to add a classic and luxurious vibe to their space. Marble may have been sitting quietly in the background in the last decade; however, it is quickly re-emerging in the contemporary interior design scene. People are now rediscovering marble’s beautiful texture and austerity. Over thousands of years, one thing has remained true—marble is one of the most beautiful, naturally occurring stones. You can find it in so many unique colours and patterns, making it undeniably one of the most sophisticated and classy choices. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, it … Continue reading

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Stone Benchtops Perth

How to Clean and Maintain your Stone Benchtops

When you want to add a unique, classy or contemporary feel to your indoor space, using stone benchtops is the best way to do so. Stone benchtops prove to be undeniably versatile and durable however, to ensure that they stay in their stunning condition for years to come, it’s essential that you properly clean and maintain them, as some stone materials are prone to breakage and scratches, which can look unsightly in your kitchen. Here at Aurora Stone, we want our customers to get the best value for their money, so aside from offering the premium quality stone benchtops Perth residents are raving about, we also provide tips that can ensure the longevity of your purchase. As such, we’ve put … Continue reading

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Advantages of Engineered Stone Benchtops

6 Advantages of Choosing Engineered Stone Benchtops

A lot of homeowners dream of having beautiful natural stone benchtops for their kitchen and bathroom, however we all know that materials such as marble and granite can be quite expensive. You’ll be pleased to know that when you turn to Aurora Stone, we can provide you with cost-effective alternatives that still deliver the same stunning results as natural stone benchtops- our engineered stone benchtops for counters and vanity tops can be equally as appealing! What is an Engineered Stone? Engineered stone is manufactured by combining quartz or granite aggregates with resins and pigments. Ideally, this manmade product is nonporous and durable, but even as an engineered stone, quartz can still be resistant to scratches, dents and abrasion. Moreover, it … Continue reading

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