Onyx Countertops Perth

5 Benefits of Using Onyx for Countertops

Onyx has a long history of being used to make beautiful sculptures and jewellery; it’s even considered to boost good feng shui. However these days, it’s also popular for use as a countertop, for interior applications in your home. If you’re wanting to add something a little different to your home’s interior design, then onyx may be an option worth considering as a benchtop. So, to delve a little deeper and figure out whether this truly is the natural stone benchtop material for you, let’s go over the benefits of using onyx as a countertop: 1. It’s Long-lasting Like many other types of natural stone materials, onyx is also incredibly long-lasting. That said, it’s also important to keep in mind … Continue reading

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Black Granite Countertops by Aurora Stone

Black Granite Countertops: The Pros and Cons

Are you looking to add a bold, elegant or contemporary appeal to your kitchen or bathroom space? If that’s the case, then black granite countertops may be the exact type of surface material that you’re looking for. Most homeowners fail to realise that their choice in benchtops can either make or break the entire design of the room. But more than this, your choice in benchtops also plays a key role in providing you with value and functionality in your kitchen or bathroom, which is why it’s so important for you to consider all your options, then proceed to make your selection carefully. In order to determine whether or not black granite countertops are for you, it pays to really … Continue reading

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