Reconstituted Stone for your Kitchen

Enhance the Look of Your Kitchen with Reconstituted Stone

Reconstituted stone—also known as engineered stone—is the affordable yet no less attractive alternative to natural stone. Here at Aurora Stone, we cut natural stone from bigger blocks of marble, granite and travertine. On the other hand, we use natural stone aggregates and a resin binder to manufacture reconstituted stone. We can even make them resemble the appearance of natural stone.

If you’re currently debating on what material to use for your kitchen, then you might want to consider engineered stone. In this post, we are going to discuss how you can enhance the look and functionality of your kitchen with reconstituted stone.

Reconstituted Stone Countertops are Aesthetically Pleasing

When manufacturers create the reconstituted stone, they compress the aggregates into slabs which have a similar texture and colour to natural stone. One of the first things you may notice is that the pieces are more uniform in colour and design. Of course, this may be more of a con for people who appreciate the unique character of natural stone. However, the benefit you get from this is that the reconstituted stone you use throughout your kitchen will match perfectly.

You can choose from various reconstituted stone colours, including earth, grey, and rose hues. Usually, the colour of this material comes from the natural shade found in quartz. However, manufacturers can still add colour additives to achieve the desired tone.

Reconstituted Stone Kitchen Benchtops Wear Excellently

It is worth noting that engineered stone slabs are very hard. Some might even say that they can be as hard as granite. Moreover, one of their advantages is that they do not crack easily. Aside from that, they are also resistant to heat. So, if you carelessly place a hot pan on the surface, you would not have to worry about dealing with a scorch mark. Engineered stone surfaces can also resist cuts and scratches very well. However, we still recommend that you use a cutting board to protect the integrity of the sealing.

Cleaning the Surface is a Breeze

One of the great things about engineered stone is the fact that the material is non-porous, which means that there is no way for bacteria to seep into the fissures. Reconstituted stone surfaces also do not absorb liquids, so cleaning up is easier and more efficient. When it comes to food safety, you can invest in engineered stone as a valuable asset for your kitchen.

You Do Not Have to Worry About Stains

While nothing can compare to the elegance and unique appeal of natural stone, it can be susceptible to wine, oil, and juice stains. In contrast, reconstituted stone countertops can stand well against stains. As a result, you can expect them to retain their beautiful appearance for a long time.

You Get to Choose from a Range of Options

Here at Aurora Stone, we offer reconstituted stone in a beautiful array of styles and colours. Rest assured you’ll be able to find the ideal material to go perfectly with your kitchen renovation plans. Some of the leading brands we offer include Caesarstone, Silestone, and Essastone, among others.

The Many Uses of Reconstituted Stone in Kitchens

Another great thing about reconstituted stone is that you can use it for both residential and commercial properties. With so many designs and textures to choose from, it is easy to find a product that will perfectly enhance the look of your kitchen. Here are some of the ways you can use reconstituted stone in your cooking area:


One of the most common uses of reconstituted stone is in kitchen countertops. Whether you’re fitting a new kitchen in your home or you’re building an outdoor kitchen where you can entertain guests, you can expect engineered stone benchtops to last a lifetime.


Reconstituted stone tiles are also perfect as kitchen splashback materials. They’re highly capable of keeping your walls free from stains and splashes. Aside from the practical benefits of engineered stone, they also help you make a statement in your home.


As we’ve mentioned, we can cut reconstituted stone slabs into tiles, so you can also use it as kitchen flooring that adds sophistication to your home. Our engineered stone tiles require less maintenance. What’s more, they last longer even when used in areas with an increased footfall.

Get Your Reconstituted Stone from Aurora Stone

When you want to brighten up your kitchen or protect its walls, reconstituted stone is the ideal material for you. Here at Aurora Stone, we work with designers, renovators, builders and homeowners to provide them with excellent value stone products. So, when you turn to us, you can choose from a range of kitchen benchtop colours and patterns, including classic, neutral and modern designs. You will be sure to find a product that suits the style of your kitchen and home.

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