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Factors to Consider When Renovating your Bathroom

When you wake up in the morning, it’s most likely that the bathroom is probably the first room you head to. While it’s not the most visible space to guests, it still pays to have a carefully designed bathroom. With a practical and aesthetically pleasing bathroom, you can start the day feeling relaxed and refreshed, regardless of what side of the bed you wake up on.

In this article, we will discuss the factors you have to consider when remodelling your bathroom. Keep reading to ensure that you end up with an aesthetically pleasing but highly functional bathroom!

1) Consider the Elements You Want to Change

You can begin by inspecting your bathroom and taking note of the elements you want to change. It’s essential to determine your immediate needs and have foresight of possible lifestyle changes down the road, so before you begin renovating, think of what you need and what you want to have. It would also help if you listed down some of the specific products needed for your bathroom. Here are just a few of some of the most important elements you may need to update in your bathroom:

  • Shower and Tap Fixtures
    When you are choosing shower and tap fixtures, you don’t necessarily need to follow the colour scheme of the bathroom. Typically, these fixtures provide you with a good opportunity to create contrast within your bathroom design. For instance, if you choose white countertops and flooring, it would be a great idea to contrast it with matte black fixtures for an aesthetically pleasing effect.
  • Lighting
    One of the things that people neglect when renovating their bathroom is lighting. Having the right amount of lighting makes a huge difference in the design of your bathroom, and that’s why it’s an ideal option to install wall-mounted lights to the vanity, tub area, and shower, as well as under the cabinets attached to the walls. Such alterations are sure to give your bathroom a modern vibe.

Aside from installing a beautiful tub, it would be advisable to include dimmers with some of your lights, allowing you to create a spa-like ambiance in your bathroom to promote relaxation and luxuriousness. You could also install simplistic light shades to add a nice touch to the overall design.

  • Basins
    It’s important for bathroom basins to be functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Here are some of the things you have to consider when selecting the right basin:

    • How much space is in my bathroom?
    • Who will be using the bathroom?
    • Does this suit my lifestyle or taste?

For instance, a wall basin would be more suitable for smaller bathrooms, since it saves space while giving a minimalistic look to the bathroom. On the other hand, if there are children using the bathroom you’re renovating, it would be advisable to opt for an inset basin with a low-height vanity.

If more than one person is using the bathroom, it would also be good to consider having a dual-basin. Keep in mind that you will be using your basin on a daily basis, so it’s important to select one that goes well with your bathroom’s design and your family’s needs.

  • Countertops
    If you have enough space for a basin and vanity, you also have to carefully consider the material you will use for your countertops. The countertops in your bathroom can make or break the overall design. If you want a timeless and luxurious appeal, it would be ideal to opt for marble or granite countertops, which are popular for their easy maintenance and durability.

On the other hand, there are more affordable alternatives to natural stone countertops. If you want to have the same elegant appeal at a lower price, you can opt for engineered stone, which is made of quartz aggregates and resin and can beautifully mimic the look of expensive natural stone. Here at Aurora Stone, we carry a wide variety of engineered and natural stone countertops, so don’t hesitate to contact us for your next bathroom renovation.

  • Mirrors
    More often, people overlook the mirrors when renovating their bathroom. Remember that with the right mirror, you can create a huge difference in the vibe and style of your bathroom. Because of this, it’s important that when choosing your mirror, you consider the size of your counters and basin. Generally speaking, your mirror should fit your vanity’s dimensions and should be within reasonable distance from the basin; of course, you also have to consider the height of the people using the bathroom when choosing the size and the location of your mirror.

The style you can achieve depends on whether you choose a framed or unframed mirror. For instance, if you’re going for a more creative and stylish appeal in your bathroom, it would be ideal to go for a framed mirror. On the other hand, if you want a more clean and minimalistic look, an unframed mirror would be something to consider.

2) Your Budget Plan

Once you’ve determined what you want to change in your bathroom, it’s time to decide on a budget. Doing a full renovation of your bathroom can be expensive, but it increases the value of your home while providing you with immediate enjoyment and satisfaction.

On the other hand, you can still opt for a partial remodelling, where you can choose to freshen up select items that are less costly. For instance, you might want to repaint the walls, get new tap fittings or update your shower curtains or screen.

3) Find Inspirations for the Overall Style of your Bathroom

After planning your budget, the next thing you have to decide upon is the overall style of your bathroom. It’s easy to gain inspiration from magazines, TV shows and even from Pinterest and other sites. Look for a style that is suitable for your home, your preferences, and your budget.

4) Carefully Plan the Layout of your Bathroom

Measure the doors, walls, floors, doorway widths, ceiling heights, the toilet, storage spaces, and plumbing, among other important elements in your bathroom. After doing so, draw a rough layout of your bathroom on graph paper. Cut out shapes which represent the items you plan to add to your bathroom. You can try different layouts to discover which is most suitable for you, or you could always consult a professional to help you decide on the layout.

5) Don’t Forget the Small Details

Even after you’ve made the big decisions for your bathroom renovation, it’s still important to closely monitor the process and check every detail to ensure you’re satisfied with the results. You may also want to add some finishing touches such as extra texture, colour or warmth to your bathroom, which can be achieved through decorative items, small storage, and window curtains.

And so there you have it- five important factors you have to consider when remodelling your bathroom! If you need help deciding which material would be ideal for you to use for your basin and countertops during your bathroom renovation, feel free to contact Aurora Stone today! A member of our friendly and experienced team will be happy to answer your enquiries.

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