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Granite Countertops: Pros and Cons

Granite is an extremely popular natural stone material, and for all the right reasons. Although it works well as tiles, wall cladding, splashbacks, and many other applications, granite benchtops are an undeniable favourite amongst many homeowners worldwide. 

In this post, we’ve discussed the pros and cons of adding granite countertops to your home:


Hard & Sturdy

If you’re looking for a benchtop material that will continue to last for years, despite constant use and abuse, granite countertops are an ideal option to consider. Even when exposed to harsh elements and objects, granite countertops remain looking good and functioning perfectly; after all, they are one of the hardest natural stone materials around. So, if you want to make a worthwhile investment, why not consider adding granite countertops to your home? 

Heat Resistant

Being formed under immense heat and pressure, granite is also naturally resistant to both fire and heat. This makes it ideal for kitchen renovations especially. However, it’s still a good idea for you to place a heat proof mat under hot dishes and pans, before you set them on your countertop surface. This will help to prolong the condition of your benchtops. 

Low Porosity

Compared to a lot of other natural stone materials, granite countertops also feature low porosity. This means that there are minimal cracks and crevices on the surface for bacteria and spilt substances to seep into. It also makes granite countertops highly versatile, and suitable for application in different areas, including the kitchen and the bathroom. With a low-porosity benchtop such as granite, you will enjoy low maintenance, long-lasting good looks, as well as health and hygiene benefits. 

Wide Range of Options

Granite comes in many different colours, styles, and patterns, ranging from white, black, and grey to brown, red, and gold. So, if you’re torn between getting light vs. dark countertops, you can opt for either when you choose granite. Naturally, with such a wide array of design options available, it’s easy to find granite countertops that blend seamlessly into your home’s existing decor. Keep in mind that granite (along with most other natural stone materials) is a classic and timeless design choice. Needless to say, you won’t ever have to worry about your countertops looking obsolete or out of fashion. 


Requires Sealing

If you want to keep your granite benchtops in their best condition possible, it’s important to have them sealed. Although granite offers low porosity, having it sealed will help to protect staining and wear even better. Thankfully, sealing your countertops is incredibly easy, straightforward, and only needs to be done occasionally.  

Not Indestructible

Although granite benchtops are insanely strong and sturdy, they aren’t indestructible. For instance, placing extremely heavy items on your benchtops or striking it with a heavy object can be enough to cause cracking. On the other hand, provided you avoid putting any unnecessary strain on your benchtops, you can expect them to last for many years into the future. 

Get High-Quality Granite Countertops at Aurora Stone

Interested in getting granite countertops for your kitchen or bathroom? At Aurora Stone, we are Perth’s leading nature stone supplier. Moreover, we offer a wide range of genuine, high-quality natural stone products that you can count on to enhance your home’s functionality and aesthetics. If you’re after granite countertops, know that we have a wide range of options available. We will measure, cut, and install your granite countertops to the highest standards. Ultimately, we guarantee a stunning addition to your home that will last against the tests of time. 

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