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Here are 6 Reasons why your Kitchen Needs a Stone Splashback

If you love cooking and spending time with your family in the kitchen preparing meals, then it only fits to transform the space into a functional and welcoming place. There are many benefits to remodelling your kitchen, and one of the most important elements when undergoing this project is investing in splashbacks.

Some homeowners think that they are unnecessary. However there are more who enjoy the advantages of having protection on their kitchen walls and consider them as a good design element for their home. If you are still confused about whether you should invest in them or not, then take a look at the benefits we’ve listed in this article. The pointers below should help you make a good decision.

1) Keep your Kitchen Walls Protected

One of the major benefits of kitchen splashbacks is their functionality; you won’t be investing in them simply for their looks. When you install kitchen splashbacks, you can effectively protect your walls from various types of stains. What’s more, they offer moisture protection, allowing you to lower the chances of water damage. This allows you to save money by avoiding repainting peeled walls later on down the road.

2) Have a Kitchen Design Element that Complements your Home

When you search for kitchen splashbacks, you are sure to find a material that will suit your kitchen and will complement your entire house. There are various reasons behind this. First of all, they are manufactured using a myriad of materials. Instead of painting your kitchen walls, you can have marble splashbacks that reflect light, making the space look brighter. On the other hand, there are also stone splashbacks with muted tones and textures that will add natural accents to your kitchen.

Aside from the numerous materials available for kitchen splashbacks, there is also a wide selection of colours to choose from. Having the freedom to select from many options allows you to find a material that will match or complement the overall colour theme of your abode. What’s more, splashbacks are available in varying sizes and designs, so if you have a kitchen with an odd shape, you can still rest easy knowing that you can get splashbacks that will fit wherever you install them.

3) Have Easy-to-Clean Kitchen Walls

You deal with sauces, grease and other substances in the kitchen on a daily basis, and when you’re cooking, these substances can splash onto your wall. It can be a challenging task to clean or remove pesky stains off painted walls, however on the other hand, when you have stone splashbacks, all you’ll need is a clean sponge and warm, soapy water. You don’t have to put too much effort into cleaning the splashback—a few wipes will clean the dirt off. You can invest in stunning stone splashbacks knowing that cleaning and maintaining them will be a walk in the park.  

4) Make your Kitchen Walls Resistant to Stains

The great thing about splashbacks is that they are available in huge panels to cover your walls no matter how big your kitchen is. Moreover, these splashbacks are protected with a shiny finish that prevents water and oil from seeping through. As such, you don’t have to worry about moulds or spores growing on your kitchen walls, and any stains that occur during cooking can be easily cleaned off.  

5) Brighter and More Inviting Kitchen

Marble splashbacks and other stone materials have a beautiful shiny finish. They reflect the light perfectly, so if you have a smaller kitchen with less windows and lights, lightly coloured stone splashbacks would be the smart choice. This would be beneficial during snowy or rainy days when there is less light in general. There will be less shadows and more brightness even if you choose not to add extra lights in your kitchen.

6) Luxurious Touch for your Kitchen

Aside from the practical benefits of having a stone splashback, there are also lifestyle advantages that come with it. Having stone splashbacks makes your kitchen look elegant and modern, and brightly textured stone splashbacks can give a luxurious touch to the space. Whatever style you choose, splashbacks are the ideal decorative element for your kitchen.

It is also worth mentioning that stone splashbacks have a timeless appeal, and are not just a passing trend. Your splashbacks will last for a very long time, enabling you to have an elegant and clean kitchen for many decades to come. What’s more, once you decide to sell your house down the road, buyers will still find your splashbacks both stunning and functional.

Get your Stone Splashbacks from Aurora Stone

As one of the largest stone production companies in Perth, Aurora Stone is your trusted supplier of stone splashbacks. We specialise in measuring, drawing, cutting, polishing and installing various stone products. What’s more, we’ve invested a significant amount of our resources into stone manufacturing technology and training our skilled and talented stonemasons. This means that you can expect only the highest standards of quality from our team.

When you need stone splashbacks, you can choose from our wide selection of materials:

Natural Stone Splashback

Proven to be one of the strongest minerals in the world, natural stone products are available in a wide selection of patterned finishes, shapes, colours, and sizes to suit your design requirements. You can turn to Aurora Stone when you want a splashback made of granite, marble, quartz or travertine. These are some of the most coveted natural stones in the architecture industry.

Natural stones also have many great qualities, including being resistant to heat and corrosion and only requiring minimal upkeep, which typically only requires wiping with a damp cloth. They are also known to last long, maintaining their stunning looks for many decades.

Engineered Stone Splashback

Engineered stone is made from powdered quartz and granite mixed with resin, filler, and pigment. You will notice that it has a uniform colour all the way through the slab. The great thing about this material is that it is tougher than natural stone, non-porous and long-lasting. Engineered stone is perfect as a splashback for kitchens, and would provide resistance against stains, heat and bacterial growth.

So, if you want a stone splashback for your kitchen, contact Aurora Stone today! Talk to one of our friendly team members to schedule your free measure!

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