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How to Design a Great Outdoor Kitchen

If you frequently invite guests over for a barbeque, getting an outdoor kitchen can be a great way of bringing your party hosting level up several notches, where you won’t have to settle for simple dishes and instead, will be able to sip wine while baking pizza or roasting beef in your outdoor oven. Whatever design you choose, an outdoor kitchen truly extends your entertaining and living space.

Once you’ve reached the planning stage for your kitchen, you’ll need to consider several factors to make sure that you’re making the right decisions. You can ensure a functional and long-lasting outdoor kitchen when you carefully study the space you’ll be working with, its location and the outdoor appliances you will incorporate. Here are some easy tips you can follow for creating a beautiful yet highly practical outdoor kitchen:

Identify Which Type of Outdoor Kitchen Will Suit You

You have to consider your space, budget, lifestyle and other factors when determining the type of outdoor kitchen that will work best for you. In its simplest form, your outdoor cooking centre may include a BBQ grille and perhaps an outdoor bar which you can buy from a store. If you have more freedom with your budget, however you can be more extravagant and elaborate.

You’ll have to decide whether you want something basic, or if you prefer having a fully functional outdoor kitchen. This will help you choose essential items, and if there’s more room in your budget, you can think of some extras you might want to include.

Turn it Into an Extension of your Living Space

An outdoor kitchen is not only meant as a place for cooking; it can also be an extension of your living and entertaining space, and you can achieve this through including items that will provide shelter, shade, and warmth for people. Through planting trees, installing awnings or including a large, patio umbrella, you can pleasantly cook and entertain your guests in a shaded outdoor kitchen during the summer months.

You may also want to consider the colder months when designing your outdoor kitchen. Keep the group cosy by building a fire pit, or if your space is limited, you might want to think of buying an outdoor heater instead. If your budget permits, you might even think about adding radiant heat to the patio so that you can escape to a toasty outdoor retreat even during cooler months. Such elements can make your outdoor kitchen more welcoming, comfortable and cosy.

Choose Materials that are Durable yet Require Low Maintenance

It’s important to have an outdoor area that is easy to clean and maintain, but at the same time, its components should also be able to withstand the elements outside, as such a design will allow you to use and enjoy your investment more. It would be ideal to use high-quality stainless steel for sanitary purposes, as it’s easy to clean and resistant to corrosion. Materials you’ll use for your patio, decking and counters should be resistant to grease stains and moreover, should be able to withstand high temperatures.

Natural stone countertops are great for outdoor kitchens, and especially granite or porcelain materials which contain UV stabilizers. It’s also worth noting that granite is ideal as flooring for your outdoor kitchen due to its low porosity. On the other hand, you should avoid using limestone because it is a highly porous material. If you want to get more information about the perfect natural stone for your outdoor kitchen, feel free to contact Aurora Stone for assistance.

Carefully Think about Your Surroundings

We’ve mentioned that your outdoor kitchen is an extension of your indoor living area. However, it should still be suitable for your yard and its surrounding area. While planning the design, you should also think about what your home’s exterior looks like, since your outdoor kitchen’s look should reflect its texture and colours.

You should also think about the surrounding landscape and plan your kitchen’s design according to it. Bold colours like turquoise or orange would go well with a desert oasis; however, for tropical locations, it would be perfect to have lush foliage and bamboo.

Consider the Appliances you Need and Want

While planning your outdoor kitchens layout design, it would be a good idea to decide what type of appliances you want to include. You can choose from a wide variety of appliances; therefore it’s important to consider what you think would be most useful and valuable to you. Here are some of the most common outdoor kitchen appliances:

Smokers and Grilles

Some homeowners make their grille the focal point of their outdoor kitchen, and then start adding appliances around that. Keep in mind that this is one of the most important elements in your outdoor kitchen as it’s the main place that food will be cooked. There are various types of grilles designed for outdoor kitchens; therefore it’s important to make sure you carefully do your research before buying one.

Built-in Refrigerator

It would be comfortable for guests to have a small, built-in refrigerator in the outdoor kitchen area, as this gives them convenient access to beer cans, sodas, and juice boxes. It also keeps people from coming in and out of your home.

Ice Maker

If you like throwing outdoor parties, it’s a great idea to get an ice maker for your kitchen. You can opt for a built-in ice maker, but keep in mind that it might take up space of your refrigerator or kegerator. Alternatively, you can choose a portable ice maker which can be kept in storage when not in use.

Build your Outdoor Kitchen with our Stone Products

During the design phase, it’s important to choose outdoor appliances, as they are built to last longer in an outdoor environment, just like certain natural stone materials from Aurora Stone. For outdoor kitchens, we highly recommend using granite or porcelain, as it’s one of the most durable surface coverings around. With granite or porcelain countertops, you can ensure that your outdoor surfaces will be impervious to the elements.

If you want to learn more about our natural stone products for outdoor kitchens, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call Aurora Stone today and get a free quote!

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