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How to Elevate Your Dining Room’s Value with Natural Stone

You may not realise it, but your dining room is one of the most critical areas of your home. It is where the family comes together to catch up on each other’s lives, and everyone is encouraged to put down their phones and step into the ‘real world’. Of course, whether you regularly host parties in your dining room or not, working to incorporate a stylish design is bound to offer a number of advantages for your household. In this way, you can make every dinner, lunch, or breakfast feel like an extraordinary experience.

Now, you may ask, “What is the best way to enhance your dining room?” Well, there are plenty of ways for you to do so, but if you want something dramatic, then you should think about opting for natural stone. This material gives rustic elegance to the room, whether you use it for countertops, flooring, or fireplace surrounds.

Here are some of our favourite ways to incorporate natural stone in dining rooms:

Countertops and Islands

Imagine gathering around a natural stone bar for after-dinner drinks and socialising. You can form the bar’s base, using stacked stone or ledger panels. Meanwhile, you can add a natural stone backsplash as an accent to the area. Of course, you can never go wrong with a seamless granite slab as an elegant countertop.

What’s great about natural stone benchtops is that they’re also quite durable. So, it wouldn’t be an issue if people neglected to use coasters. However, it is still advisable to place hot items on a hot pad. After all, the heat can affect the coating of stones such as travertine and marble.


You’ll love how virtually maintenance-free and easy to clean natural flooring systems are. These are perfect for formal dining rooms where you regularly host gatherings and parties. You can easily wipe off spills, stains, and other mishaps.

Certain types of natural stone, especially granite, can also evenly distribute and retain heat. Consequently, this material is perfect for radiant floor heating systems. During the wintertime, you can offset the coldness of your natural stone floors with a warmth that gradually fills the room.

Accent Walls

If you want a timeless, classic look and feel for your dining room, then you should think about installing a natural stone accent wall. Here at Aurora Stone, we also offer the material in tiles, allowing you to use it as a decorative piece that will fit well with the room’s colour scheme. There are plenty of natural stones available. So, you are always sure to find the one that will suit your dining area’s overall style most ideally.


Imagine having a fireplace in your dining room- dinners would quickly transform into cosy and long conversations over a glass of wine! It is the ideal centrepiece for the area, and you can make it look even more stunning with natural stone. This material is a highly sought-after choice for fireplace surrounds thanks to its aesthetic appeal, along with its natural ability to conduct heat effectively.

If you want a sleek and clean look, you can even opt for a chiselled travertine fireplace. On the other hand, if you prefer something more elegant and classic, then marble would be the perfect material. Just make sure you learn how to care for your marble fireplace, so that you can ensure that it will retain its good looks and durability for an extended period of time.


Nothing screams ‘elegance’ more than dining on a stunning natural stone table. What’s more, you can rest easy knowing that your table will be robust enough to endure the daily abuse of dining. You can order a seamless slab of natural stone for your customised tabletop. What’s great about this material is that it comes in a wide variety of styles and colours. As a result, you won’t have difficulties matching it with any dining room décor.

Choosing the Natural Stone for Your Dining Area

Every type of natural stone is visually striking. However, each one has its own unique characteristics. So, before you proceed in choosing a material for your dining area, make sure that it is suitable for your project. Here are some of your options:


Because of its stunning appeal and colour variations, granite is among the top choices for dining rooms. What’s more, it is resistant to scratches and heat. If you want to increase the value of your dining area, then you should invest in granite countertops and flooring.


For the ultimate luxurious appeal, go for marble. You will never go wrong with the intricate veining and shining white tones of this material. It will provide your dining area with the classic timelessness and style that will always be in trend. Marble is ideal for benchtops, splashbacks, tabletops, and fireplaces.


Now, if you want a neutral, minimalist look for your dining room, you should opt for travertine. It is available in cream-coloured, tan, and rusty hues. Because of its recognisable look and colour, it can easily blend into the style of any dining room.

If you’re planning to remodel your dining area, get your natural stone from the trusted supplier in Perth. Contact Aurora Stone today to schedule your free measure!

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