How to Prevent Marble Countertop Etching

How to Prevent Marble Countertop Etching

Marble countertops are a stunning addition to any home, boasting a unique and timeless natural beauty that no other material can compete with. However, you have to be aware marble is a much softer stone in comparison to other natural stone materials. Specifically, it is a calcite-based stone, much like limestone and travertine. Because of this, marble can be more prone to staining and etching; the number one enemy when it comes to preserving the looks of your benchtops over the years. 

Of course, marble benchtops are not a cheap investment. So, it makes sense that you’d want to keep them looking their best in your kitchen or bathroom, for as long as you possibly can. But if you’re hoping to keep your marble benchtops in prime condition for an extended period of time, it’s important to know specifically how etching can occur on your benchtops, and most importantly, how you can work to prevent them. 

What is an Etch?

First off, it’s important to know the difference between an etch and a stain. A stain occurs when a substance is absorbed below the surface of the stone through its pores. In contrast, an etch is what occurs when something acidic such as lemon juice, vinegar, coffee, reacts with the stone, causing the surface layer of the marble to be eaten away. The exposed layer of raw marble is lighter and duller than before. 

Whilst stains can generally be removed quite easily, reversing etching is a different ball game since a layer of the stone has been chemically eaten away. Although it can be difficult to avoid the effects of some etching entirely throughout the years in which you have your marble benchtops, the following tips can help to minimise the damage:

Wipe Up Spills Immediately

If you do happen to spill an acidic substance on your marble benchtops, it’s important to wipe them off as quickly as possible. The longer the acidic substance sits there, the greater the chance it has of etching away the surface layer of your benchtop. 

Avoid Using Harsh Cleansers

You may be tempted to use harsh, acidic cleansers in order to remove stains or imperfections on your benchtops. However, as mentioned previously, these will only react with your benchtops and cause even greater damage. Instead, we’d recommend using a gentle cleaning solution made up of warm water and a tablespoon of liquid soap in order to clean your marble benchtops, along with a soft cleaning cloth. Remember to avoid using abrasive sponges on the surface of your benchtops as well. 

Seal Your Benchtops

Keep in mind that there is no 100% guaranteed way to prevent etching on your marble benchtops, unless you choose to avoid using your kitchen altogether. On that note, regular sealing is an important part of your marble benchtop’s maintenance. Although it may not completely prevent etching from occurring, it can definitely help to minimise any potential damage, and even more so if you’re ensuring to wipe away any spills quickly. Aside from this, regular sealing can also help to prevent hard-to-remove stains. 

Contact Aurora Stone for Countertop Restoration

As mentioned previously, it’s pretty much impossible to reverse the effects of etching to your marble countertops. If you’ve had your benchtops for years and have noticed the difference that after daily use, as well as etching has made to the tops appearance, then you may want to think about getting the stone restored by professionals. To transform your marble benchtops back into looking like they were on day one, a professional will sand down the surface and repolish the stone. At Aurora Stone, we will gladly help to restore your marble benchtop’s former beauty and shine. Our talented team are backed by years of experience, not to mention they carry a strong attention to detail. Undoubtedly, you can rest assured knowing that your benchtops are safe when placed in our hands. 

Choose Aurora Stone for Marble Countertops

Whether you’re looking for brand new marble countertops, or are simply hoping to restore your old ones to their former glory, you can count on the team at Aurora Stone to satisfy your needs and requirements. We always take pride in our work which is demonstrated by our extensive portfolio of satisfied clients. Rest assured, you can always count on us to provide high quality natural stone, friendly professional service delivered on time and to budget.

For more information on our marble products, or to discover some helpful tips and advice, be sure to contact us at Aurora Stone today!

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