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Is Calacatta Marble the Right Stone for you?

Marble is the epitome of class, luxury, and elegance – that much is certain. For many years, it has remained as one of the most highly sought-after natural stones for homes and posh business establishments. Of course, there is more than one kind of marble stone. In saying that, how can you possibly determine which one is right for you? 

There are various types of marble stones available, but in this post, we will focus on discussing Calacatta marble. We will give you a brief background on the material and show you all the pros and cons of using it in your next home remodelling project. 

What is Calacatta Marble?

Certain types of marble get their name from the region they originated from. Take Carrara marble as an example. People extract this material from the well-known quarries of a Tuscan city. Carrara has had millions of years of volcanic activity, causing the marble to form stunning blue and grey veining. On the other hand, Marmara marble originates from Turkey, from a beautiful place called Marmara Island. As you can guess, most Swedish green marble comes from Sweden.

Calacatta marble is one of the few that does not follow the natural stone naming tradition. It is worth noting that people also quarry this material in Carrara. Despite being one of the three primary marbles extracted in Tuscany, stonemasons from Italy named it after the city of Calcutta in India. Whilst Carrara marble is more prevalent in other countries, Calacatta marble is more prominent in its place of origin.

Compared to other types of marble available in the market, Calacatta is rare. It is more white instead of grey and features larger and dramatic veining. You will notice that the slabs have thicker and more predominant patterns. Often, Calacatta marble has hues of brown throughout it, making the veining more stunning.

Advantages of Calacatta Marble

Often considered as a luxurious and rare piece, Calacatta marble has a unique and beautiful appeal. The traces of brown found in its patterns works well with a wide array of hues, from warm to cool tones. So, if you tend to switch up your décor from time to time, you will find that your marble floors will still complement the overall style of your home’s interior.

Disadvantages of Calacatta Marble

People who love larger veining and patterns in natural stone prefer Calacatta marble. However, if you’re someone who prefers dainty and more delicate veining, you may not find it appealing. Moreover, since Calacatta marble is rare, it can be challenging to get your hands on it. So, if you are planning to use it for your home remodelling project, it may be challenging for you to find a supplier. 

If you desperately want Calacatta marble, worry not, as a solution still stands. As one of the largest stone manufacturers in Western Australia, Aurora Stone can supply you with the materials you need. Give us a call, and we’ll provide you with that rare, sought-after Calacatta marble you’re dreaming of owning for your abode. 

Different Types of Calacatta Marble

There are also various types of Calacatta marble, and they slightly differ depending on the veining, patterns, and colour. Here is an overview of the different options available on the market:

Calacatta Oro

If you’re a fan of residential architecture in Tuscany, Calacatta Oro is the ideal choice for you. This material is unique for its natural shine and gold veining.

Calacatta Gold

Calacatta Gold does not have gold veining or colouring. So, people usually confuse it with Calacatta Oro. It is also more expensive because it is not as widely available as other types of marble. However, its intricate veining makes it a popular option for both designer bathrooms and kitchens. Since you’re paying more for Calacatta Gold, you should be ready to learn about how to care for marble properly.

Calacatta Michelangelo

Legendary Italian artist Michelangelo would have chosen this material for his stunning sculpture. It has a dazzling white colour, and its delicate veining has touches of grey and blue. Because of its sophisticated look, Calacatta Michelangelo is as famous as Marmara and Carrara marble.

Calacatta Extra

You will notice that the veining in Calacatta tends to appear in random and large patterns. Often, they appear in tiger-stripe or paisley designs. If you’re choosing a material for your kitchen island, this is the natural stone you should choose for your benchtops. Its slabs look even more stunning with a polished look. 

Calacatta Borghini

Being amongst the most colourful types of white marble, Calacatta Borghini is a popular choice for luxurious boutiques and upscale hotels. Its veining often features touches of gold and blue. Moreover, it is suitable for both countertop and flooring installations.

Indeed, it can be challenging to determine the right marble stone for your home or business establishment. However, we can make the process a lot easier for you. Contact Aurora Stone today and let us help you select the ideal Calacatta marble for your preferences and style. We will also send one of our crew members to assess your requirements for free.

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