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Quality Kitchen Benchtops Perth Residents Have Come to Love

When you are looking for kitchen benchtops Perth and want the ideal solution, turn to Aurora Stone, and we will provide you with a range of excellent options. As the largest stone supplier in the area, we are dedicated to offering our customers with the highest quality products along with unmatched customer service. As such, we offer them a collection of natural and engineered stones that are perfect for kitchen benchtops.

Aurora Stone Offers the Following Materials for Kitchen Benchtops:

  • Engineered Stone – Made from powdered quartz or granite, this material is non-porous, durable and long-lasting. Featured brands include Caesarstone, Essastone, Quantum Quartz, Stellastone, and Silestone, among others.
  • Natural Stone – Great investment for people looking for kitchen benchtops that are timeless, elegant and durable. Natural stone products offered by Aurora Stone include granite, marble, onyx, and travertine.
  • Porcelain – We offer large porcelain slabs ideal for benchtops that are large and without joints showing. Available in 12mm and 6mm thickness with many colours to choose from.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Kitchen Benchtops

Your kitchen gets exposed to moisture, heat, and spillages. At the same time, you would want it to become a space that reflects your lifestyle and personality. So, it is only fitting to get kitchen benchtops that offer functionality and practicality, as well as aesthetic value and elegant appeal. When choosing the material for your kitchen benchtops, you should consider the following factors:

Ease of Maintenance

While cooking can be a satisfying activity, it can get dirty at times. So, it is important to choose a kitchen benchtop that is easy to clean and maintain. Stains, liquids, debris, and dirt tend to rest on the surface of a natural or engineered stone, making them easy to wipe or sweep away. Usually, warm water and soap are enough to remove stubborn stains.


Hot pots, chopping, and food stains are just some of the many elements involved in cooking. Your kitchen benchtops should be durable enough to withstand the abuse. With engineered and natural stone, you can have a surface covering that does not easily wear out.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Functionality is not the only thing you should consider when choosing your kitchen benchtop material. Of course, you would want something that adds value to your home’s aesthetics. Here at Aurora Stone, we offer intricately designed and meticulously crafted stone tiles. They come in different patterns and colours, so you are sure to find the suitable design for your home.

Timeless Appeal

They say you can never go wrong when you go for the timeless look, especially when choosing the product for your kitchen benchtops in Perth. Classic elegance is something that most people want when they are considering properties to purchase. Therefore by having a kitchen benchtop with a timeless look, you can expect a good selling price for your home once you decide to put it on the market.

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