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Leading provider of natural stone in Perth

Aurora Stone is the leading provider of natural stone in Perth, with decades of invaluable industry experience. Natural stone is well known for being one of the strongest minerals in the world, ideal for stone cladding, flooring, and wall covering. It is durable and won’t degrade over time, and is very easy to clean and care for – simply clean with a damp cloth, and you’re done. It is resistant to stains and scratches.
Natural stone allows you to bring a little bit of the beauty and majesty of nature and the outdoors into your home. When crafted and finished in natural and earthen tones it can lend your home a resort-like ambiance that ensues timelessness. Its neutral tones can perfectly complement modern and classic interior designs. It is also very cool – ideal for the Perth summers – and smooth to the touch.

Benefits of using natural stone for your kitchen bench tops

Stone bench tops are beautiful and are a functional masterpiece for any beautiful home. Not only do they make food preparation easier, they also give your kitchens that bespoke statement that says class and functionality. When you come to us to have your kitchen bench top custom-made, it will be crafted by our skilled stonemasons using the most beautiful highest quality natural stone slabs.

Natural stone is affordable…

And the sheer functionality and life of natural stone cannot be underestimated.

It is a good investment

Homes and kitchens featuring a natural stone benchtop have a greater value than those without. When time comes to sell you property you know that prospective buyers will always place inherent value on the beauty and functionality of your kitchen. A stylish natural stone bench – can even be a unique selling point.

It lasts a very long time

Stone bench tops from Aurora Stone are not only decorative and functional – they will also outlast any other products in your home. Quality natural stone in your home requires minimal maintenance effort, and yet will prove to stand the test of time allowing future generations to enjoy.
Natural stone products in your home – whether as flooring, as wall covering or accent, or as countertops in stone kitchens – normally increase the property value of your home. So it’s an investment and one that does not depreciate in value.

It is very durable

Aurora Stone’s natural stone products, when sealed, are resistant to wear and tear, as well as to staining, corrosion, and heat. Natural stone is very easy to clean and does not require special chemicals or solvents for its upkeep. Fewer or no chemicals mean a healthier home environment. Depending on the surface texture or the natural sheen of your stone products, it may not ever need any other maintenance.
Maintaining your stones’ natural shine only requires regular cleaning with a buffing cloth, and, if needed, periodical resealing to maintain its original appearance. Keep in mind never to use abrasives on polished stone surfaces to ensure that they will look as pristine as when they were brand new.

Most common types of natural stone

Here are some of the most commonly used natural stones for the home:


Apart from being stain and scratch resistant, this type of stone is also resistant to bacterial growth. It is also not easily damaged by burns and scorch, so it is perfect for kitchen working surfaces. It also has a very luxurious appearance, giving your kitchen an instant air of opulence.


Granite offers unlimited choices in terms of colours and patterns. It is known for being heat-resistant, and, once sealed, is also resistant to stains. Granite stone tops cost less than other stone surfaces, making them a very budget-friendly option.


Marble is a classic option for stone bench tops, lending your kitchen and your home an elegant and timeless design, thanks to its bright white appearance that other stones do not have. It is also less likely to chip when cut because it is a softer stone. As with the other stones, it is also naturally heat-resistant.

At Aurora Stone, we will ensure you are carefully guided when the time comes to select the right natural stone for your needs. Call us today to enquire about our natural stone products.

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