Most Extensive Range of Engineered Stone Perth has to Offer

Aurora Stone is your local specialist supplying engineered stone Perth customers love for their residential or commercial projects. We are one of the largest stone production companies in Western Australia. Accordingly our success stems from our dedication towards producing high quality engineered stone products. We take great pride in the meticulous quality of our finished work and timely service we deliver to our customers.

A Smart Choice

Engineered stone for stone bench tops, stone kitchen island tops, backsplashes or vanities are ideal. Because they are not only aesthetically stunning, but also easy to care for and long lasting. Indeed, choosing engineered stone promises to provide a multitude of advantages for you and your family.

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The Technology Behind It

Engineered stone is made from powdered stone, usually natural quartz or granite. It is then mixed with filler, resin and pigment to give it the same colour all the way through the slab.  Consequently this technology makes the slab naturally uniform, tougher than natural stone, non-porous and long-lasting. Therefore you only need to seal the stone every two to three years in order to maintain its lustre.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

In terms of care, it’s important that you are made aware of some simple do’s and don’ts. It will ensure you protect and maintain your engineered benchtops properly. Remember to refrain from placing hot pans straight from the stove or hot plate onto the benchtop. As engineered stone can sometimes be damaged by direct heat.

You’ll be pleased to discover that engineered stone surfaces are stain resistant. Therefore, should you accidentally spill wine or citrus juice on the surface you needn’t worry. Also, engineered stone resists etching by mild acids. Just be careful when cutting food directly on the solid surface; we’d highly recommend using a cutting board instead.

So Easy to Clean and Look After

You’ll find that cleaning your stone kitchen slab is a cinch. Consequently it saves you plenty of time to do far more enjoyable things with your family.  Consequently all you have to do to ensure your engineered stone stays pristine is to wipe the surface with a damp cloth. In fact you can use one of those pads used to clean non-stick pans with a tiny bit of mild dishwashing detergent.

A Wide Range of Colours to Choose From

We supply a wide range of colour options of engineered stone. Planning the decor of your kitchen is just as easy as that of the rest of your home. What’s more, no matter what colour scheme is, you’ll be able to find an engineered stone kitchen slab or backsplash to complement it. Adding an ornamental edge such as an ogee or a bullnose also gives that extra touch of stylish class to your kitchen.

One of the best thing about engineered stone is that should it chips or crack, it can be replaced with a slab exactly the same colour and texture. 

Our promise to You

When you decide to appoint us, we’ll supply engineered stone Perth, manufactured by our professional stonemasons and stone fabricators. Importantly, our team pride themselves on supplying stone bench tops  that complement your decor  and match your expectations. Most importantly it’s just what you dreamt it would look like.

Our engineered stone products are sure to make your kitchen the heart of your family home.

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The Quality Reconstituted/Engineered Stone Perth Customers Choose for their Benchtops

We manufacture high quality engineered stone benchtops, using a variety of different stones that includes:

Brighten up your kitchen with an engineered stone benchtop or protect your walls with a unique and stylish stone splashback. We work with renovators, builders, designers and home owners  providing great value products for your home or office.

Our stone benchtops come in a range of colours, including neutral, classic, and modern. As a result you can always find a colour to suit the style of your kitchen and home.

When you choose Aurora Stone’s services, we will send a consultant to your home to assess your requirements. Once you’ve decided on the product, we’ll quote you and get started on manufacturing your unique benchtop and/or splashback.

The End Result

The beauty of engineered stone is that the products look all natural. Consequently when combined with our technology, produces attractive and practical additions for your home. Once produced, our team install the finished products, taking less than a day to do so.  Leaving your home spotless once completed. These products sit flush against your walls or cabinets, making for a flawless finish.

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