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Looking up onyx Perth in search for onyx products? Or maybe you’re searching for other natural stone materials for your benchtops, walls or splashbacks? Either way, you’ll be glad you found Aurora Stone, one of the largest stone production companies in Perth. As a trusted supplier of natural onyx stone in Western Australia, we always ensure that our clients receive meticulously crafted products. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a wide selection of natural, engineered stone products, and Porcelain slabs. Moreover, we deliver these alongside unmatched customer service.

Thinking of adding a luxurious and artistic touch to your kitchen? Planning to remodel your bathroom? Well, you might want to consider getting natural onyx stone as a surface covering for your walls, splashbacks or benchtops. Used by ancient Romans as talismans during warfare, this natural stone is now popular among a host of applications in both residential and commercial buildings. It is ideal for individuals who want to make a bold and dramatic statement in their home or commercial space.

Why choose Aurora Stone for your Onyx Perth search?

So, why is onyx such an excellent material for use in your home? Here are a few good reasons why:

  • Aesthetic Appeal.

    Onyx comes in white, cream and sometimes, green tones. It also possesses wavy patterns that are both exquisite and attractive. It also appears translucent and delicate to the touch. With the right lighting, you can highlight the patterns on your wall or tabletop and turn them into captivating masterpieces. Because of these traits, onyx is a great choice for when you want to add a touch of luxury and style to your space.

  • It is light-weight.

    Onyx is lighter than either marble or granite but still has the same timeless appeal. For this reason, you can use the mineral for kitchen benchtops, or countertops without having to worry about putting additional supports as in the case of granite. You can even opt to have onyx cut into smaller tiles. In this way, you can effectively use it for cladding or to decorate the exterior of your home.

  • It can be re-polished.

    Being soft, marble can be prone to scratches, especially from sharp, hard objects like metal blades. The good thing is that unlike conventional tiles that you have to replace after a scratch or two, you can polish marble if you so wish. This will bring out its characteristic shine and smoothness.

  • It is natural.

    It is natural. As a natural stone, Onyx gives your home a natural appeal. It has been used for thousands of years and guarantees to imbue a different level of grandeur to your living space. Owning one is equivalent to having an actual gemstone on your countertop, table, wall, or wherever you decide to install it. You can enjoy the beautiful appeal of onyx in your own home, surrounded by friends and family.

Aurora Stone is Your Top Source for Onyx Natural Stone

As one of the leading natural and engineered stone suppliers in Western Australia, we always value our customers and ensure that they receive quality materials and service. As such, our skilled stonemasons use the latest stone production equipment and technology. In this way, we can deliver the ideal surface covering solutions to our clients. When you choose us as your onyx Perth supplier, we will work closely with you and make sure to address your natural stone requirements accordingly.

When you’re looking for the best onyx Perth has available, contact Aurora Stone today at (08) 9258 8800. Our friendly staff will assist you with your enquiries!

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