Raine Square (Bank West Building)

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Raine Square (Bank West Building)

Rain Square is a 23 level tower consisting of 21 floors of office space broken into two sections, East and West core. Keeping with the Architect’s design, Viva Natural Stone and the Architect’s representative visited the quarry in Italy with the intention to order stone blocks to best suit the design of the stonework throughout the project. By connecting the quarry, builder and architect at the early stages of the project Viva Natural Stone was able to provide the vital connection between design and construction. Viva Natural Stone completed all the stone works within Raine Square, which include:

  • Stone cladding and tiling to main foyer
  • Reception desk main foyer
  • Cladding to lift lobbies
  • Marble vanity tops throughout the building
  • Marble stone wall cladding around columns within the food hall
  • Tiling to floors and walls within the food hall and bathrooms
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