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There are other stone cladding Perth suppliers, however they would have to match the level of quality and service that Aurora Stone provides. We have a team of highly skilled and talented stonemasons, dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals for their home. We offer various design options, so you are free to explore your creativity and find the right one that suits your taste, budget, and needs.

What is Stone Cladding

At Aurora Stone, our stone cladding technique involves using natural stone veneers to cover the walls. Such style is popular among people who want to achieve a rustic or earth inspired architectural look for their home or building. Materials used for stone cladding include granite, marble, and sandstone, among others.

We cut the stones above into slabs with similar thickness for faster installation. However, if you want a more ambiguous design, you are free to ask as such. You can use stone cladding when landscaping your garden or you can use it by the fireplace to add warmth to your indoor space.

Advantages of Stone Cladding

Stone cladding was quite popular in the 80’s. Nowadays it is used more so on commercial buildings rather than residential properties, but there is still a place to include stone cladding in Perth for a creative outcome. There are many benefits to having stone cladding in your property and here are some of them:

Efficient Insulator

Stone cladding functions as a good insulator of heat, allowing you to reduce your property’s carbon footprint. It can be a neutral layer that prevents heat from escaping or entering your home or building. With stone cladding, you can enjoy energy efficiency and consequently lower your electricity bill.


Since our stone cladding is composed of natural stone slabs, it can be extremely durable. If properly cared for, it can virtually last a lifetime. When exposed to direct sunlight, it could lose some of its lustre or colour, but it will still be strong and durable.

It is also a non-absorbent and non-porous natural stone material. It prevents the internal wall from absorbing water and moisture. What is important is that it is kept dry during installation so it will become resistant to water absorption. Since stone cladding is resilient, there’s no need to replace it even after decades.

Noise Absorption

If your property is near a busy street or an airport, stone cladding can help in reducing the noise. It can be a sound insulator that functions as a barrier against exterior sounds.

Weather Protection

Concrete houses or buildings can be damaged by heat, microorganisms, and water. When you install stone cladding over your walls, you can protect them from the harsh weather conditions and keep them from degrading.

Stone Cladding Floors

Stone cladding is not limited to walls. You can also make your floor look more attractive by installing wall cladding. There is a type of cladding that is smooth enough for people to walk over it with ease.

Budget-Friendly Solution

You will be surprised to discover how reasonably priced our stone cladding packages are. It is budget-friendly, and yet it is still aesthetically appealing.

Increased Value of your Home

Stone cladding can be a valuable investment for your home. Since they are equally durable as they are beautiful, they can also increase your property’s resale value.. However, it is advisable not to over-do your stone cladding. Install them sensibly and you will be surprised how they can efficiently uplift any space.

If you want to learn more about our range of stone cladding, give us a call today at (08) 9258 8800. You can also fill out the form, to get a FREE measure and quote!

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