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At Aurora Stone, we pride ourselves on being the top supplier of stone products in Perth. Also we are one of the largest and most reputable stone production companies in Western Australia. We offer measuring, drawing, cutting, polishing, delivery, and installation services for manufactured stone products. Since 2001, we have invested a significant amount of our resources in technology. Plus we have purchased state-of-the-art equipment, and the recruitment of skilled and talented stonemasons. These serve as the backbone of our production, service and business growth.

At Aurora Stone, we use only the highest quality natural stone in the manufacture of our extensive range of products. Moreover, we ensure  our price points are affordable so that property owners in both Perth and regional Western Australia have access to well-made stone products. Our products are durable, unique, and always of stellar quality.

We offer four types of products, namely:

Engineered Stone Products

Engineered stone is made from powdered stone, usually quartz or granite, and mixed with filler, resin, and pigment. As a result this provides a uniform colour all the way through the slab. It comes in a wide variety of colours/designs to select from, and is tougher than natural stone, non-porous and long-lasting. You’ll be pleased to discover that it’s also very easy to maintain, and only requires sealing every two or three years.

Engineered stone is ideal for heavy duty areas that ordinarily take a beating. Therefore it’s perfect for use as stone bench tops, kitchen island tops, and backsplashes. However it’s important to remember to not place hot pans straight from the stove or hot plate onto your engineered stone benchtop. Engineered stone is resistant to etching by mild acids, however it can sometimes be damaged by direct application of heat. Like natural stone, engineered stone is also very easy to clean – a damp cloth is all you’ll need to keep it looking neat and polished.

Natural Stone

Natural stone products are made with minerals that have proven to be some of the strongest in the world. Equally important they are available in a wide range of colours, patterns finishes, shapes, and sizes to suit your design specifications. We offer quartz, granite, marble, onyx, and travertine. In fact they are some of the most highly sought-after natural stones in the design and building of homes.

Natural stones are both heat and corrosion-resistant, and require only minimum upkeep. Usually, cleaning can be performed through thorough wiping with a damp cloth. They are also proven to be long-lasting, reaping benefits in your home for generations to come.


Aurora Stone is the leading provider of ceramic, stone, and porcelain tiles in Perth and regional Western Australia. Our stone tiles are produced from a variety of natural materials, including slate, marble, limestone, travertine, granite, and sandstone. Consequently it gives your home a natural, earthy look, feel and class. Likewise, our porcelain and ceramic tiles are available in different shapes, sizes, texture, colours, and finishes, and are perfect for either indoor or outdoor use.


Quality Porcelain is made from natural materials in powder form and finely ground to a powder and subjected to extreme heat and pressure to create the final product. Aurora Stone specifies that the Porcelain panels supplied for their clients is sintered at the time of manufacture, thus providing superior hardness and durability. For this reason, it ensures  it’s extremely suited for both domestic and commercial application.

Porcelain is well suited for benchtops, furniture fronts, cladding (interior and exterior), flooring, and outdoor surfacing solutions. The benefits of specifying our sintered Porcelain panels are numerous, which speaks volumes why you should consider using Porcelain from Aurora Stone. Porcelain sintered stone even contributes to green building design because it is made from 100 percent natural products

At Aurora Stone, we take pride in our knowledgeable and friendly staff.  Moreover, they will provide you with unparalleled customer service and guide you in the selection of the right products for your home or building project. We will work closely with you to ensure that the outcome you desire is more than highly achieved. Call Aurora Stone today to enquire about our products. 

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