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Looking for a reliable Travertine natural stone  supplier in Perth? Look no further, turn to Aurora Stone. As one of the largest stone production companies in Western Australia, we always ensure that our clients receive meticulously crafted engineered and natural stone products. Furthermore, we always strive to meet the highest quality standards along with unmatched customer service.

Travertine dates back to ancient Rome, where it was used as one of the materials in building the Colosseum. These days, it is popularly used in residential and commercial buildings, as well as in art installations. It has the same look as marble when polished, however it is typically used in its rough state. Accordingly, when you are planning to remodel your home or business space, travertine natural stone would be an ideal choice for floors, walls or cladding.

Why Travertine Natural Stone Products?

Travertine is one of the most popular types of stone used in modern architecture. Consequently many buildings and installations use this material for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Therefore, if you want to discover more about travertine natural stone products for your home, check out these reasons below:

  • It is more affordable than marble.

If you want the classic look of marble but are hesitant due to the high price tag, travertine is the way to go. It is considerably less expensive than either marble or granite but offers the same timeless appeal.

  • It comes in a wide variety of colours and designs.

You can choose from several hues, consequently you will find a travertine natural stone option perfect for your home or office space. Depending on your intended application, you can even choose between rough or smooth varieties. Our versatile range truly offers a solution for every residential or commercial project.

  • Travertine natural stone is very durable.

Travertine has been used for thousands of years. It has been turned into buildings and other structures that have survived the tests of time. Moreover resisting hurricanes, earthquakes, corrosion, fires and even warfare. With this in mind, you can expect to enjoy the benefits of travertine on your property for many years to come.

  • It is easy to replace.

Unlike others, replacing travertine natural stone is a relative breeze. They tend to look alike, so finding one that matches your existing stone won’t be difficult. In addition this mineral is also easy to cut into shape. Therefore you can easily fill out small or irregularly shaped spaces. Being easy to replace also adds to the level of affordability our travertine offers our customers.

  • It is all natural.

If you want to give your home or office an au naturel appeal, investing in travertine natural stone is a great way to start. The material is found in nature and imbues an earthy appearance to any area it is applied to. Applying travertine  in living room areas especially. Consequently you can create a warm and homely ambience for all guests and members of the family to experience.

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Turn to Aurora Stone for Travertine Natural Stone

At Aurora Stone,  satisfying our customer’s travertine natural stone needs is essential to achieving success for our business. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality travertine materials. Also, an honest and transparent customer service. Our talented stonemasons use the latest stone production equipment and technology.  Therefore providing you with the ideal natural stone solutions for your requirements. Accordingly you can turn to us for quality stone pavers, tiles, benchtops and cladding, and a range of other products. As a result we trust that we will always exceed your expectations with the level of service we provide.

So, when you need travertine natural stone for your floors, walls or countertops, contact Aurora Stone today at (08) 9258 8800. You can also fill out the form to receive a FREE measure and quote!

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