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Good morning Nicole

Just wanted to thank you so much for recommending Aurora Stone.

Marlene, Ruby & Chris were amazing.

Chris turned up precisely on the dot of 7.30am, as promised. He was so thoughtful (didn’t just leap into drilling the hole in the Caesarstone for our water filter, but went & got a special template he’d made & carefully – without scratching or damaging the countertop – clamped this on, so that the drill had an exact place to drill & couldn’t slip).

He was very considerate, cleaning up afterwards.

Just a class act all round (wiped his boots at the door, careful not to tramp mud in).

I would use Aurora Stone again in a flash – hopefully next time for a bigger job – to install kitchen bench top. But I am very grateful to them for taking smaller jobs as seriously as the big ones.

Hope you have a great day. Thank you again for your fabulous recommendation of using Aurora Stone,


Claire Montgomery                                                                                                                         NEW MEDICINE



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