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The Artistry that Stonemasons Create

Just by looking at the ancient sculptures and structures that have survived up until this day, you’d understand the importance of stonemasonry in ancient civilisations. This craft was quite relevant during medieval times, with unions of stonemasons multiplying like mushrooms. However, these days, stonemasonry is not as popular as it was before. The ancient art that once built the world’s most magnificent monuments, churches, and sculptures are slowly dying.

Aurora Stone Keeps the Art of Stonemasonry Alive

Due to the availability of different materials, along with modern building practices, this craft is slowly but surely fading away. That said, the team at Aurora Stone strives to keep the art of stonemasonry alive by incorporating it in our wonderfully customised natural stone benchtops. We believe that it can add a unique appeal to any home. We share Scientific American’s sentiment in understanding that a stonemason can create a ‘beautiful metaphor for life’s struggle.’

What Makes Stonemasonry Unique

Compared to reinforced concrete or steel structures, masonry can provide useful life that lasts for decades or even centuries. Whether you decide to use marble, granite, travertine, or a sintered stone, the material is not porous and won’t absorb water over time. It will also resist heat and provide better fire protection than other kitchen benchtops.

As always, achieving an elegant and durable appearance in any home remodelling project begins with choosing the right product. While reconstituted stone can mimic the appearance of natural stone, only the latter can provide a unique appeal that nothing can match. What’s more, marble, granite, and travertine are more resilient than many other types of countertop materials. Because of their honed surface, they are much easier to clean.

The stonemasons at Aurora Stone also provide a lovely way to incorporate history into Australian homes. Since natural phenomenon forms granite, marble, and travertine, their life essentially began thousands or even millions of years ago. Despite their age, they are ideal for use on both older and newer homes. Imagine using a material that will make your house look stunning while incorporating aspects of the past! Natural stonemasonry around your home can quickly create a sense of pride within you.

How to Choose a Good Stonemason

Stonemasons have helped build the longest lasting and grandest buildings we have. As you may have gathered at this point, we are talking about a distinctive and specialised trade. So, you must find the best stonemason to complete your project. Here are some tips in choosing the ideal professionals for the job:

Tip 1: Check Their Accreditations and Experience

Firstly, you should check out some previous examples of the stonemason’s work. You can either view their portfolio or, if possible, visit some of their latest jobs. Of course, you can read reviews online to examine feedback from their customers. These days, you can easily find the information you need online. Check the stonemason’s references, accreditation, certifications, and experience.

Tip 2: Choose Someone You’re Comfortable to Work With

Some home remodelling projects can take a few days, whilst others are larger and may require a longer time frame to complete. You must choose a stonemason who can maintain open and consistent communication throughout the project. You don’t have to become best friends with them, but at least have a professional relationship with mutual respect. In this way, if any issues arise, you will be comfortable speaking to them about your concerns.

Tip 3: Ask Questions About How They’ll Handle the Project

Whether you’re remodelling your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or patio, a little knowledge always goes a long way. Do not be afraid to ask your potential stonemason questions. Doing so will help you get an idea of how they will approach the job. After all, you would not want to work with someone willing to take shortcuts or cut corners.

If you have the time, visit them and ask about their day-to-day process. Ask the stonemason about their typical day and how they will work on your project. You can go into details if you like, such as how they’ll do some repointing or how they’ll repair loose stones.

Tip 4: Get a Detailed Quote

Whether you’re working on a small project or you’re remodelling your entire home, you need to get a comprehensive and transparent quote. When you look at the details and scope of the estimate, you will learn more about the stonemason’s process and character. Ideally, the quote should include materials, labour, GST, and information about subcontracting tradespeople (if applicable). In this way, you’ll know what you’re going to get, and you’ll stay within the budget.

Once you’ve agreed to the detailed, written quotation, discuss a payment plan. In most cases, having a binding contract will ensure that there will be no misunderstandings along the way.

If you need help in finding the best stonemason in Western Australia, do not hesitate to contact Aurora Stone. Since we strive to bring the best value for our customer’s money, we invest in recruiting a talented workforce. The backbone of our business growth and production is our skilled and experienced stonemasons. Trust that when you hire us, you will work with the leaders in the industry.

If you dream of having artistically crafted benchtops, splashbacks, or flooring, contact Aurora Stone today and get a free measure and quote!

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