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The Best Kitchen Benchtop Materials

It’s a real stress relief when you come home after a long day out to a lovely and clean space. Health expert Nesochi Okeke-Igbokwe, MD, shared that your home is where you can retreat after a tiring, busy day. She also added that the state of the environment affects the overall health of the occupants. So, if you genuinely care about your well-being, improving the amenities and aesthetic appeal of your interior may become a priority for you.

The Right Kitchen Benchtops Bring Drastic Improvement to Your Home

A lot of homeowners spend a large chunk of their time in their kitchen. This is the room where we prepare hearty meals with loved ones and share gossip while building relationships. It is also the focal point of many homes. Of course, making some minor changes can drastically improve the overall appeal and feel of your home.

No kitchen renovation is complete without the perfect benchtop do-over. From a practical and aesthetic point of view, having the best kitchen countertops can also add value to your property. As such, it is vital to choose the perfect material for this surface. Keep on reading if you want to discover the ideal kitchen benchtop for your home!

Natural Stone – Marble, Granite, or Travertine

One of the best ways to add a strong sense of authenticity to your kitchen is by installing natural stone benchtops. These can bring excellent physical and aesthetic qualities to improve the overall appeal of your kitchen. Marble, granite, and travertine are stronger types of countertop coverings. Often, your decision will depend on your desired look, feel, durability, and longevity.

When you’re using natural stone in the kitchen, you need to ensure that they are sealed. Choosing premium quality benchtop materials will help eliminate the risk of acid attacks and staining. Of course, you should immediately wipe off spilled liquids such as wine, lemon juice, or vinegar. Doing so will prevent etching and discolouration of the honed surface. That said, you’ll be delighted to know that over time, stains—including acid etching—will generally fade. On lighter surfaces, you can polish out the stains, and they won’t be as noticeable.

There is a good reason why marble has remained one of the most popular types of natural stone. It is incredibly durable, and it displays unique veining, which makes it a striking design element to add to any home. Granite is for homeowners who want a sleek and sophisticated look for their interiors. On the other hand, people with distinct tastes can create a stylish home with marble.

Reconstituted Stone

Sometimes you’ll find the terms ‘reconstituted stone’ and ‘engineered stone’ used by manufacturers. However, both of them refer to the same type of countertop material. Usually, it consists of 90-95% stone aggregates with petrochemical resin binding. Almost 50% of the benchtops installed in Australia have engineered stone. Ironically, many homeowners are not entirely aware of its properties.

Reconstituted stone may not be as strong and durable as natural stone. However, it can last as long if you care for it properly. Since it is not UV-stable, sunlight exposure may change its colour. As a result, you will need to reseal it from time to time. On the other hand, what you’ll love about engineered stone is that it does not absorb liquid as much as natural stone does. Consequently, you won’t have to worry about stains.


If you want a budget-friendly and practical benchtop option, then go for porcelain. It is quickly growing as popular as Caesarstone, and it’s no surprise why. Porcelain tops are impervious to damage, nor do they etch or stain. What’s more, they are entirely UV-stable, which allows them to stay in stunning condition for a long time. Porcelain is the perfect option for modern home designs. It is even light enough for vertical applications such as wall cladding and splashbacks in your kitchen.

What’s excellent about porcelain is that they can resemble the look of a wide selection of materials. Suppliers can provide you with materials that look like Calacatta marble, onyx, Statuario, and other types of natural stone. For many years, interior designers have coveted the stunning white veining of Nero Marquina marble for kitchens. Unfortunately, the dark surface of the material can turn white with etching. Regardless, you’ll be pleased to find that it is easy to find porcelain slabs featuring this look.

Get Your Kitchen Countertops from the Experts

As one of the largest stone manufacturers in Western Australia, Aurora Stone promises a wide selection of kitchen benchtop materials. If you’re still stuck on the fence, deciding which surface covering to choose, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to help you make a sound decision. For almost two decades, we have been investing a significant amount of our resources into advanced stone-cutting technology and equipment. What’s more, we have a team of experienced and talented stonemasons working behind our name.

When you choose Aurora Stone, you can get premium-quality kitchen countertops at reasonable rates. It’s always been our goal to help property owners in Perth and across Western Australia gain access to well-made stone products.

To get a free measure and quote, contact Aurora Stone today!

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