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The Many Ways You Can Use Marble Stone in your Home

Even in ancient times, marble has been a popular natural stone material adorned by people from all walks of life. These days, it remains a premium option for those who want to add a classic and luxurious vibe to their space. Marble may have been sitting quietly in the background in the last decade; however, it is quickly re-emerging in the contemporary interior design scene. People are now rediscovering marble’s beautiful texture and austerity.

Over thousands of years, one thing has remained true—marble is one of the most beautiful, naturally occurring stones. You can find it in so many unique colours and patterns, making it undeniably one of the most sophisticated and classy choices. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, it is also a highly versatile material. If you’re considering this material for your next home renovation project, let us enlighten you with the many uses of marble stone around the home.

Using Marble in your Lounge Area

The lounge area is the first thing that guests see when they visit your house. Obviously, you should want to make a good impression – and what better way to do this than using marble? Here are some of the uses of marble stone in the lounge area:

Marble Coffee Table

If you want a piece that will impress your guests, then a marble coffee table is definitely the best way to go. It is a great place to use marble slabs and will allow your family and friends to relax in class.

Around the fireplace

If you want a regal look for your fireplace, then it would be a great idea to install marble around it, which would make it more visually appealing and cool to the eyes. Of course it may not be the best idea if you’re living in a warm and constantly sunny area, however, if your house is in an area where you can feel the chill in winter, having an ornamental marble fireplace would be a great showpiece for your lounge area.

Cover for Dressing Table

If you have a more extensive renovation project, chances are you’d end up with off-cuts from marble slabs. Well, you’ll be delighted to know that these don’t have to go to waste, as you can still use them to create covers for smaller pieces of furniture such as cabinets, dressing tables, or similar objects.

You can also create a uniform look for the house by using marble for the furniture tops. Creating a cohesive theme for your space can be especially useful for adding class and elegance.

Using Marble in your Kitchen

Marble looks extraordinarily stunning in long, seamless slabs and poles, which is also the reason why this material is generally used in decorating auspicious lobbies or receptions; however, it’s important to acknowledge that you cannot expect consistent texture throughout a particular piece. On the other hand, if you want a surface that will look unique in every aspect, marble is undoubtedly ideal for you. Here are some of the ways you can use marble in your kitchen:

Marble Kitchen Benchtops

Kitchen countertops and islands act as the focal points of your kitchen, and that’s why it’s only fitting to make a statement by using marble kitchen benchtops. If you have a stand-alone island and sink in the kitchen, you can use the material not only for the top of the bench but also for the walls of the island. In a way, the stone also functions as a backsplash. Marble benchtops are perfect for a range of kitchen styles.  

Marble Kitchen Splashback

Kitchen splashbacks serve multiple purposes, such as providing a focal point for the kitchen and livening up space, making it more conducive for prolonged stays. Marble is the perfect backdrop for kitchens, and is also stain-resistant, so you won’t have to worry too much about pasta sauce accidents. Despite this, we still advise following proper care and maintenance tips for marble.

Marble Kitchen Tiles

The floors in your kitchen are prone to spillage and staining, but you’ll be delighted to know that marble is also used for tiling. Because of marble’s low porosity, especially when properly sealed, they work well in both kitchen and bathroom environments.

Using Marble in your Bathroom

For many people, bathrooms act as a personal sanctuary in their house. Nothing can compare to the feeling of comfort and peace when you get into a warm, bubbly bathtub after a long day at work, which is why it’s fitting that you transform your bathroom into a luxurious space where you can truly relax with class. What better way to do this than to opt for marble stone?

Bathroom Marble Tiling

The great thing about marble is ideal for the walls and floors of your bathroom. As we’ve mentioned, marble is not very porous, so it’s ideal for condensation or moisture-heavy rooms like the bathroom. Some of the most common marble colours for the bath include tan shades, whites, creams and dark-flecked marble that creates a beautiful contrast.

Marble Bathtub Veneer

Marble also looks great as a seamless, vertical covering for things like bathtub or shower veneers. What’s more, you wouldn’t have to deal with grout clogging the overall look. If you want a modern and sleek look for your bathroom, marble would be an ideal material to incorporate into the design.

Get your Marble Stone from Aurora Stone

We won’t deny that marble is at the higher end of the stone material spectrum, and that’s why we understand why you would want to protect your investment by ensuring that the materials you get are of premium quality. As one of the largest stone production companies in Western Australia, Aurora Stone can promise you that and more. At Aurora Stone our highly trained and experienced stonemasons meticulously craft our marble products.

So, if you want to get the marble benchtops Perth residents are raving about, contact Aurora Stone today!

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