Natural Stone Fireplace Surrounds

Which Natural Stone Is Best for Fireplace Surrounds?

The fireplace often serves as the focal point of the room. So, it’s important to choose a premium material that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Of course, there are many good reasons why natural stone makes the perfect material for fireplace surrounds. For starters, it’s available in a wide range of patterns, colours and textures. As such, you will always be able to find a material that aligns with your preferred interior design.

Here are some of the best natural stone options for your fireplace surround:


Apart from being low-maintenance, granite can also resist against mild abrasions, wear from water, and heavy foot traffic. So, it only makes sense to use it as a fireplace surround.

It’s worth noting that granite is an igneous rock. When magma beneath the surface of the earth cools, it solidifies and turns into granite. Since extreme heat creates it, the material develops a resistance to it. Even if you place a hot pan directly onto the surface, the heat won’t damage the material. However, in order to prolong the quality of granite, you should still place the pan on a trivet.

How to Use Granite as a Fireplace Surround

If you want to make a jaw-dropping statement, choose granite with striking golds, blacks and creams. Now, if you prefer a brighter option, choose a material with stacked layers of gold, red and cream tones. Such a pattern will bring about a wood-like texture that will remind you of a rustic cabin.

Meanwhile, if you want a cooler theme for your fireplace surround, sea-like ripples of blue, white and grey would be ideal. This design can bring a stylish contrast to the fiery blaze of your fireplace.


Marble can be a bit more expensive than granite, even though it’s not as durable. However, people choose it for its timeless elegance. This stunning stone has been associated with quality and class for thousands of years.

Even if the material is not as strong as granite, it still tolerates heat excellently. As such, it’s perfect for kitchen countertops or as a fireplace surround. If you properly maintain marble, it won’t suffer cracks, stains or chips. While the material is available in darker hues, lighter colours are more common. Earthy tones will require careful cleaning and maintenance.

How to Use Marble as a Fireplace Surround

Marble fireplaces usually come in whites and greys, and Carrara and Calacatta are the most popular options. The former, which is the more affordable variant, has spidery, fine veining. The material has more silver and grey undertones, making it the less dramatic design option.

Now, if you choose Calacatta, you’ll get broader and larger veining and movements. So, it’s ideal for larger applications like walls, ceilings and floors. If you still want to use it around your fireplace, better install it as a feature wall.


Ancient Romans believed that onyx stones were nail clippings of Venus that fell into the Indus river. Of course, we’re now aware that this translucent, crystal-like stone is a metamorphosed limestone. Even so, we still consider onyx as a premium natural stone.

Throughout history, onyx has had various applications. Because it’s a softer type of stone, it’s easier to carve. As such, it’s more popularly used as a luxurious design material. These days, it’s not uncommon to find it in kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and even fireplace surrounds.

Why Choose an Onyx Fireplace?

Usually, designers install backlights behind onyx slabs to enhance its breathtaking beauty. The ethereal aura of this material makes it incredibly unique and rare. So, if you’re going to use it as a fireplace surround, you’re definitely making a statement for your home.

Onyx slabs also come in a variety of vein patterns and colours. As such, they’re perfect for homeowners who want to add character to their fireplaces.


Aside from being the centrepiece of a house, your fireplace provides light and warmth during the colder seasons. The family can gather around the living room and get cosy near the crackling fire.

Whether you’re using natural gas or burning wood in your fireplace, travertine can be a great option for the surround. The natural stone is durable enough to last for a long time. What’s more, its beautiful texture will add character to your fireplace.

Why Choose a Travertine Fireplace?

Travertine has heat-resistant and non-flammable qualities, making it an ideal material for fireplace surrounds. Besides, even with the significantly changing temperatures in Australia, travertine can still retain its strength. 

Moreover, since it’s a premium natural stone, it will boost the value of your home. The pattern, colour and style of travertine will give your fireplace a classic yet distinct look. You’ll have a design that will stand the changing trends of time.

Create a Jaw-Dropping Fireplace Surround with Aurora Stone

As one of the leading natural stone suppliers in Western Australia, Aurora Stone promises to provide premium quality products to its clients. We have been in the business for over two decades. So, you can trust that we’ll provide expert advice on how you can create an awe-inspiring fireplace design.

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