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When it comes to porcelain stone Perth homeowners and businesses can trust, Aurora Stone is the company to turn to. We offer large porcelain slabs for porcelain benchtops and countertops. Large slabs are available in 12mm and 6mm thickness, making it possible to use them in aggressive, elaborate and engaging design applications. The slabs are 1500 x 3200mm, ideal for large benchtops and enabling joints to disappear.

Our Stylish Range

Our porcelain sintered stone slab series have a style of their own. Available in beautiful neutral colours such as white, stone, camel, grey, and black. Therefore this  makes it easy to match colours with any interior design, and add beauty and style to any kitchen or bathroom setting.

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Compelling Benefits of Porcelain Stone

Our porcelain benchtops are made of powdered clay and coloured pigments and are bonded at an extremely high temperature and pressure.

The product porcelain sintered stone is heat and fire resistant, making it an excellent benchtop and splashback surface around gas cooktops and ovens.

Also this product is ideal for either internal or external application as it doesn’t fade in the sunlight because of its high UV resistance.

Great in the Kitchen

Porcelain benchtops and countertops are ideal in the kitchen because of their high density and low porosity properties, particularly ideal for the food preparation area. The material porcelain sintered stone is highly resistant to food and liquids absorbing into the surface, unlike other low-density materials. Porcelain hardness is an excellent cutting surface, being abrasion resistant. It is also extremely heat resistant, so you can lay hot cooking utensils directly onto the surface.

Porcelain stone benchtops Perth offer a range of benefits other constituted benchtops cannot match:

  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Highly scratch resistant
  • Resistant to frost and ice
  • Heat resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Stain resistant
  • Hygienic
  • Resistant to ultra-violet rays
  • Withstands extreme weight


Porcelain Furniture and Cabinet Fronts. An Ideal Finish 

We can now supply 6mm large porcelain slabs that are ideal for furniture and cabinet fronts. They can be placed directly on existing surfaces. Not only light to work with but extremely flexible to fit large areas with minimum joins. The 6mm porcelain slabs are ideal for renovators because there’s not a need to remove the existing surfaces. Just prepare it to size and glue it on with the specialised glue for porcelain. However, we do recommend it would be prudent to get the right advice on how to work with this product. Or better still, get Aurora Stone’s experienced stone masons to prepare your requirements.

Outdoor Areas

Porcelain Stone Outdoor Kitchen and Barbecue Area 

Because of the process benefits of manufacturing porcelain with extreme heat and the use of special clay plus a mixture of other mineral oxides, the finished product offers high-quality porcelain countertops. They are both durable and robust. These benefits make the large porcelain slabs absolutely ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. It is resistant to high temperatures and ultra-violet light. Also, It doesn’t stain and is not affected by harsh chemicals. It is UV-resistant, so the colour will not fade. And of course, it’s absolutely perfect for outdoor porcelain benchtops perth and fronts in the barbecue area. This means you’ll be able to match all the finishes to your outdoor area with the fabulous porcelain collection now available from Aurora Stone.


Aesthetically Beautiful

Porcelain is ideal for all flooring applications because of its strength, resistance to heavy usage, and its durability. Ideal for commercial and residential use, both indoors and outdoors, plus its resistance to UV is second to none. Aurora Stone recommends porcelain as an alternative to natural stone and engineered stone.      


Non-Combustible Cladding for Internal and External finishes 

Porcelain cladding is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. The ultra-compact surfaces are UV-resistant, so the colour will not fade, nor will it stain. Plus it’s resistant to heat, making it perfect for all outdoor usage, particularly exterior cladding. Another significant benefit is that the product is non-combustible, making it a natural choice for extensive use of large porcelain slabs for cladding multi storey buildings.

For internal cladding, large porcelain slabs are perfect for office fit-outs, showrooms, and shopping centres, in fact anything commercial. Now that large porcelain slabs are available, it makes perfect sense to include it in the home. It’s absolutely ideal for kitchen splashbacks, internal shower areas because it’s non-porous, and bathroom and other wet area walls.

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Choose Aurora Stone as your Porcelain Stone Supplier

As one of the largest stone suppliers in Perth, we always perform our services to the highest degree of quality. When you’re looking for the best countertops or porcelain benchtops Perth has to offer, you can turn to us and expect first-rate solutions to your requirements. Our highly trained stonemasons possess considerable experience in their craft and are sure to deliver the finest products.

For more information about Aurora Stone’s porcelain kitchen benchtops and countertops, please contact us by telephoning (08) 9258 8800, or complete the Contact Us form on this page. Better yet, come visit our showrooms where you can select porcelain slabs for your kitchen, bathroom or outdoor area benchtops from our wide range of options.

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