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4 Reasons to Use Calacatta Marble for Your Home

Having a beautiful, carefully planned living space is far more important than you think. In fact, research has shown that the design of our homes can impact our mental wellbeing, having the power to influence our mood, motivations, and much more. For this reason, we always encourage homeowners to follow their interior design goals, invest in their home, and consequently, create a living environment that brings them joy for many years into the future. After all, you will be spending a significant portion of your life living at home, so it only makes sense that you put real thought into it. 

If you want to enhance your living space in terms of both functionality and aesthetic, natural stone is an excellent and practical choice of material for your walls, floors, countertops and splashbacks, among other things. Out of all the natural stone materials, most people would agree that marble is a cult favourite; and if you love the look of marble, then there’s no doubt you’re going to want to hear about Calacatta marble, it’s glamorous cousin. 

Below, we have rounded up 4 great reasons why you should use Calacatta marble for your home:  

1. It Offers Timeless Beauty

Marble is a beautiful natural stone that has been loved and used for centuries in some of the most opulent applications, including castles, cathedrals, famous sculptures, monuments, and designer homes. But Calacatta offers more than just your standard, classic marble. It is not the same as Carrara marble either, although people tend to confuse the two quite often, as they both originate from the same region in Italy. Put up a slab of Carrara marble next to a slab of Calacatta, and you will notice the difference in appearance straight away. Whilst Carrara comes in shades of blue grey with soft and linear veining, Calacatta marble has a bright white background with thick, dramatic veining. These veins can come in a range of different colours, including gold, brown, beige and grey. The dramatic, striking appearance of Calacatta marble ensures to offer homeowners timeless beauty, wherever it is applied. You will not have to worry about this stone getting old and tired, because Calacatta marble will always guarantee to make a statement in your home.  

2. It Adds Value

Calacatta marble is favoured by architects, interior designers, and homeowners alike, all because of its distinct and striking appearance. However, since this precious stone is only available from a single quarry located in Carrara, Italy, it also comes with a rare and exclusive prestige. This, combined with its high demand, makes Calacatta marble a luxurious and high-end material to consider adding to your home. So, if you want to increase the value of your property and really set it apart from all other homes in the area, Calacatta marble is the perfect choice of material to add this exquisite touch. 

3. It is Long-Lasting

Natural stone materials always guarantee to be a long-lasting investment, and this includes Calacatta marble. Consequently, Calacatta marble is an excellent choice for application in the bathroom, whether it’s for use as your wall tiles, floor tiles or benchtops. Although marble is a softer stone than most, you can still expect it to prove durable against harsh daily use and abuse. As long as you ensure to take care of your Calacatta marble properly, you can expect it to remain in impeccable condition for many years to come.  

4. It is Versatile

Calacatta marble is composed of neutral colours, including white, grey, brown, beige, and gold. This soft yet striking design makes it a versatile stone for application in a range of different homes, whether your current interior design is more modern, traditional, or a mixture of both. No matter what type of style you are trying to achieve, Calacatta marble can be used with different elements to achieve an alluring and charming result. 

Transform Your Home with Calacatta Marble from Aurora Stone

As Perth’s leading natural stone supplier, you can always expect to find genuine natural stone products available at Aurora Stone. We offer a wide range of strong, durable, and timeless natural stone materials, ranging from beautiful marble and Calacatta marble to variants of granite, onyx and travertine. No matter what application you have in mind, our friendly team are happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with the highest quality natural stone to suit your requirements.   

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