Scandinavian Minimalist Design With Natural Stone

How to Achieve that Scandinavian Minimalist Design with Natural Stone

With so much noise around the world, it’s a relief to return and relax in a clean and clutter-free home. It’s also the reason why minimalist interior design is so popular around the globe. According to a paper featured at the 3rd International Conference on Arts, Design and Contemporary Education, minimalism started gaining traction in the 1950s. It even became an influential philosophy thought throughout Europe and the United States during the 80s.

Now, when it comes to modern minimalism, you can boost the warmth of a room through neutral colours, geometric shapes and natural textures. Walls and floors should be natural to make them easier to clean and maintain. This is also the reason why Scandinavian minimalist design involves a lot of natural stone materials.

What Consider When Using Natural Stone in a Minimalist Design

There’s an emphasis on neutral palettes and natural materials in minimalist interior design. Natural stones are usually premium materials that promote functionality and luxury. Tough and long-lasting, they also add personality and texture to a room. Here are some of the qualities to consider when using stone for your Scandinavian-inspired design:


What’s great about natural stone is that it comes in a range of hues, including white, black and grey. Studies have shown that neutral colours can promote an atmosphere of serenity and tranquillity. As such, they are perfect for Scandinavian minimalist designs. 

Let’s say you choose white marble as your primary material. You’ll get notes of elegance and cleanness that you might be unable to achieve with other materials. Besides, you’ll have the opportunity to stick to a monochrome palette, which is popular in the Scandinavian culture.

Now, if you go with a dark hue, you can use it to create a contrasting background. For instance, if you have a black marble floor, there will be a splash of colour in your minimalist design. What’s great about this scheme is that it works in any room, including the bathroom and kitchen.


When you’re taking the minimalist approach, you need to follow the principle of simplicity. So, you should choose materials that are easy to clean and maintain. They should be functional and stunning enough to not necessitate add-ons like wallpapers or rugs.

Since stone has subtle features, you can install it and let it be the highlight of any room. What’s more, it is durable enough for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

From a design perspective, choosing the rugged look of travertine or the smoothness of marble can be perfect for a minimalist home office or living room. Granite is always ideal for kitchen and bathroom areas where you want to emanate freshness and elegance. 


Another great thing about choosing natural stone is that it comes with unique lines and patterns which are excellent for achieving a minimalist look. With this material, you can create harmonious combinations that fill out space and lead the eye.

The patterns featured in natural stone can work in any type of design element, including on backsplashes and countertops. You can even use them as the focal piece or highlight of a room. No matter what you choose, you’ll always get something original and creative.

How to Use Natural Stone to Create a Minimalist Look

Here are some ways natural stone can help you achieve a minimalist look:

  • Kitchen countertop – Since minimalism involves choosing essential and high-quality design assets, stone would be the ideal option for your kitchen countertop. Its inherent strength and beauty make it interesting as a benchtop or even a backsplash.
  • Feature wall – Travertine can also be a perfect material for designing a unique feature wall. Its neutral palette and distinct texture can bring warmth and creativity to the wall.
  • Bathroom wall – To avoid making the minimalist design too cold and stark, you need to infuse textural details and earthy tones. Choose stones with beige or cream hues to add warmth to the area.
  • Flooring – Since natural stone is long-lasting, it can be a great material for floors. Marble or granite tiles across your entire floor will give the room a light and calming feel. All the while, you can ensure that the stone will endure against daily foot traffic.

Achieve that Minimalist Scandinavian Look with Aurora Stone

It’s not surprising to find why the minimalist approach is so popular right now. Who wouldn’t appreciate its sensible and elegant style? If you’re planning to achieve the same, adding natural stone to any room in your house is a great way to start.

You’re making an even more valuable investment if you choose Aurora Stone as your supplier. For over two decades, we have been providing Australians with genuine and premium-quality natural stone products. Our years of experience in the industry is proof that we can provide you with expert advice on achieving the minimalist look you desire.

To enquire about our natural stone products, contact Aurora Stone today!

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